e-Mail List for Somerset County, PA Genealogy.

NOTE: RootsWeb inadvertantly created a mail list for this county called PASOMERS-L. It was an error - done automatically because our county list doesn't follow the same naming conventions as other county lists on their servers. I am the listowner for both lists and as such have "shut-down" the PASOMERS-L list. Please do not subscribe to the pasomers list -- instead subscribe to the SOMGEN list.

The SOMGEN list is usually a very active list and you may find other Somerset County PA researchers who share your family lines. You can browse through the SOMGEN archives to look at past messages, but you must be subscribed to the list in order to send messages.

    • Within a few minutes after sending the "Subscribe" email you will receive a "Complete your Subscription to SOMGEN" email message. Follow the instructions in that email to confirm that you want to be subscribed.
      • Note: if you prefer to receive a digest version (one email per day with a digest of all the SOMGEN emails for that day), - - when you click on the link to confirm the subscription, there is an option (on the web-page you are taken to) for selecting DIGEST mode. Or you can email the SOMGEN List Administrator anytime later to request being placed on Digest Mode.
    • Within a few minutes after completing the confirmation you will receive a "Welcome to the SOMGEN mailing list" email.

Posting A Query

Once you have received notice that you are a listmember, then you can post your surname lists, general queries, family history, and miscellaneous topics of Somerset County culture and history. Do not include your query when you send your subscription email. To post to our list, send your email to SOMGEN@ROOTSWEB.COM.
Your mail will be sent to all of our subscribers.

A Few Guidelines for Successful Mail Discussion

When you reply to an email, please remember to trim all the unnecessary information especially when it is a digest email. Simply highlight the unneeded information and press the [Delete] key before pressing the [Send] button.

Please post surnames in all CAPS and make sure any query or question is clearly and concisely written. Also, we will not tolerate any abusive or degrading communication of any form, nor will we allow "bashing" of any list subscriber. Please do not "SPAM" this list - if your topic doesn't have anything to do with surname lists, general queries, family history, miscellaneous topics about Somerset County culture and history, don't post here. Additionally, if your topic does include Somerset County, please limit the amount of repeated posts about the same exact topic to a few times a year. If you subscribe to repeatedly SPAM this list, I will remove your email address and block any further subscription attempts.

In addition to the above, here are a few more rules.

Items that are ALLOWED:

  • You may include queries concerning our neighboring counties of Cambria, Fayette, Bedford, and those in Northwestern Maryland (Garrett and Allegany). Please do subscribe to those county mail lists if your search is centered there rather than in Somerset county.
  • You may advertise your genealogical books or records so long as they have something to do with Somerset county (or Bedford County - our mother county). We ask that you do this only once and ask for members to contact you directly if they are interested.
  • You may post partial family trees - please keep them to 3-4 generations only.
  • You may include your webpage address as an inline link for others to view.

Items that are NOT ALLOWED:

  • Posting GEDcom trees or other large file attachments.
  • Sending JPG or GIFS -- ask members if they are interested and have them email you directly.
  • DO NOT SEND HTML ENCODED EMAIL -- TURN OFF HTML IN YOUR PREFERENCES FOLDER. RootsWeb catches the html mail and sends it to me and not to the list. I will not forward email that is html encoded to the list subscribers.

Thank you for abiding by our rules. I do run a tight ship and ask that everyone conducts themselves with the utmost of courtesy and uses "good old fashioned common sense!".

If you need help subscribing or unsubscribing, email: April Phillips or Connie Burkett

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