This river forms the border between Somerset County and Fayette County and forms the South border of Confluence Borough, West Side. Here is the outflow of the Youghiogheny Dam, frequently stocked with trout, which is a popular place to fish. Not far away, behind the brest of the dam is facilities for swimming and launching boats. The “Yough” is one of three bodies of water that join near here, from which Confluence Borough derives its name. Pic 1, looking up river toward the Route 281 Bridge and Dam. Pic 2, From the dam brest, looking down river at the outflow. Pic 3, Above the brest of the dam.








Confluence Borough is a popular place to retire and visit for recreational purposes. In the early 1900s, it was a thriving B&O Railroad hub and a center for farmers and lumberman. It also had a large tannery at that time. Now the long freight trains just lumber through, never stopping, most businesses have moved on, and even the consumer stores are dwindling. It still has a certain charm and tranquility, and has much to offer for vacationers. Pic 1, Looking down on Confluence from “Mae West”, Route 281.  Pic 2, Park in center of  Town. Pic 3, The Laurel Hill Creek on the right, and the Casselman River on the left, meet the Youghiogheny River in the background.









Ursina is the smaller of the two boroughs in Lower Turkeyfoot Township. It too was a thriving community in the early 1900s when coal and lumber were being taken from the area up the Laurel Hill Creek. It had hotels and even an Opera House. It is mostly a retirement and residential community now. Pic 1, looking down on Ursina from “Hogback”, the road over the hill from Harnedsville and Addison. Pic 2, Weyand Avenue, along the creek.