The Turkeyfoot Name Index contains over 21,000 names taken from contributions of fellow researchers and from the census. Included is the census for Lower and UpperTurkeyfoot Townships up through 1930.


 The index is divided into 36 groups as shown below and is in a text format to minimize size and expedite downloading. Each group is best viewed in Microsoft Notepad or some other text editor with word wrapping turned off. If you use your word processor, use Page Setup to choose Landscape and the smallest font and margins practical to avoid word wrapping.


Note: The occurrence of “HO” and “WO” in a name stands for “Husband of” and “Wife of” respectively. A letter before “HO” or “WO” is the middle initial of the person listed. Example: Mary JWOHenryB Smith means Mary J, wife of Henry B Smith. Also, “of” used as, for example, Mary ofSamuel King, means Mary is a child of Samuel King.







James Abbot

Jacob Barclay

Lucinda Barclay

Mary Blubaugh

Mary A Blubaugh

Blanche Brown

Carolina Brown

Elizabeth Clark

Eunice Clark

Susan WOAlex Conn

Charles P Connelly

C M Cunningham

Caroline Cunningham

David Drake

Ebenezer Drake

Emma L Faidley

Estella Faidley

Ray Foster

Samuel Lee Foster

Fanny Glover

Gertrude Glover

Laura Hanna

Lucinda Hanna

Ette May Heinbaugh

Eunice Heinbaugh

May Hobelzell

Mines Hobelzell

Ethel R Hyatt

Eva Hyatt

George Kellar

Sissy Kellar

Samuel J King

Samuel Jr King

Susan E Kreger

Sylvia Kreger

Candus Lichleiter

Catherine Lichleiter

Henry Marsdon

H Marsdon

Margaret McNeil

Mary McNeil

Minnie Goldie Miller

Minnie Jane Miller

Luran Morrison

Lydia Morrison

Jonas Nicklow

Julia Nicklow

Amelia Peters

Charles Edward Peters

Mary Prinkey

Alba Pritts

Raymond Reynolds

Sarah Reynolds

Milton Rull

Vesta Rull

Samuel Schmuck

John Schmucker

Jacob Shroyer

Jay Shroyer

Jonathan Snyder

Joseph Snyder

Lucy V Swaep/Swalp

Agnes Swan

Walter Tressler

Warren Tressler

William A Walters

William F Walters

Olive Williams

Rose Williams

Guy Younkin

Gwendlyn Younkin

Andrew Zuskovich