This table is a consolidation of several sources indicating who resided in the Turkeyfoot region and when (up to 1800).

 * "ACRES 1772 TAX" is taken from "The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties" and is the tax roles for Brother's Valley Township, Bedford County which, at the time, covered all of what is now Somerset County. Single residents without property, are shown as "Freeman".

 * "PRE 1769" is from the same history and designates the settlers living there before William Penn opened the area for settlement.

 * "TRADE" again is taken from the same history showing the occupations of a few people, other than farming.

 * "ACRES WARRENTS 1773-1848" are extracted from the Lower Turkeyfoot Map showing the acreage in original land grants given in that township.

 * "1790 & 1788 CENSUS" shows heads of households for both Turkeyfoot Townships.

 * "1796 TAX LIST" shows 1796 taxpayers recorded in the history of Lower Turkeyfoot Township in the same history book.