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General Information

Jefferson township was incorporated in 1847. The town was settled in 1784 and was formed from Somerset and Milford Townships.

Jefferson Township is located in the extreme western portion of the county and it borders Westmoreland County to the west. It is bounded to the north by Lincoln Township; to the west by Westmoreland County; to the south by Middlecreek Township; and to the east by Somerset and Milford Townships.

The main town in Jefferson Township is Bakersville.

Genealogical Information


Census Schedules

  • Prior to 1847, see Somerset and Milford Townships
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1850 (1), 1850 (2)
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1860
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1870 (1), 1870 (2)
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1880 (1), 1880 (2)
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1890 Veterans Schedule
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1900
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1910
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1920
  • U. S. Census Schedule, 1930

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Linda Marker has created a map of Jefferson Township.
Ed McClelland has created very detailed USGS Survey maps for this township also.

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