How To Post A Good Query

Posting a good query is very important - especially if you really want to meet others researching your same surnames. Here are a few simple quidelines to follow that will ensure that your query is read by others and that should generate positive responses.

  1. Always type your surnames in CAPITAL letters (only last names).
  2. Type your subject line as follows:
    • ROBERTS, James: (1763-1822) Scotland to York County, PA
  3. State what you are looking for: birth date, parents, death record, etc.
  4. Be specific. Include names - first, middle and last (again in CAPS) along with birth dates, marriage dates, and death dates. Include spouse name (first, middle and maiden name - surname also in CAPS). Include town, village, parish or township names, local landmarks, and county of origin.
  5. If you must post a general query - state this right up front and include a location or origin.
    • Seeking parents and siblings of James ROBERTS, born 1782 in Scotland. I do not know where he was born - the census records states that he was from Scotland.
  6. Close with your name, mailing address or email address. Most queries will not be responded to without your name (I know - you are hiding and do not want people to find out who you are - well, why post a researcher query then? Sorry, one of my pet peeves!).

Sample Query

  • I am interested in corresponding with anyone researching the name of ROBERTS in York County, PA. I am seeking to find the parents and siblings of James ROBERTS.

    James ROBERTS was born in 1782 in Scotland. He arrived in York County in 1800. He married Jane REEVES on 12 March 1801. He died on 21 Feb 1822 and he is buried in the Shade Twp. cemetery along with his family.

    Any help is appreciated. Carol Hepburn (myemail@email.com)


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