Historical Timeline

The following events influenced life in early Pennsylvania.

Date Event
1633 - 1674 The Dutch, Swedes, and English established the first European settlements in Pennsylvania.
1680s William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania after receiving a grant in 1681 from the king of England. His colony offered religious freedom, liberal government, and inexpensive land. Quakers established the city of Philadelphia.
1700 - 1754 Welsh, German, and Scotch-Irish groups arrive.
1754 The French and Indian War started in western Pennsylvania.
1768 - 1792 The boundaries between Pennsylvania and the neighboring states of Connecticut, New York, Viriginia and Maryland are settled.
1776 The Revolutionary War began. The state constitution was adopted.
1787 Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the constitution.
1790 - 1800 Philadelphia was the captial of the United States
1811 Steamboats began travelling between Pittsburgh and New Orleans.
1834 The railroad-canal line extended from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.


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