Descendant Chart for Abraham MILLER

Abraham MILLER
     b. 05-Jan-1851 Stonycreek Twp, Somerset County PA
     m. 09-May-1871 Hannah Jane Deeter
     d. 22-Jan-1919 Stonycreek Twp, Somerset County PA

Hannah Jane DEETER
     b. 22-Sep-1853
     d. 3-Jun-1939

Abraham was the son of Abraham D. Miller and Leah Gnaegi

Abraham and Hannah MILLER

Abraham D. MILLER
     b. 11-May-1823 Berlin, Somerset County PA
     m. 31-Dec-1843 Leah Gnaegi
     d. 04-Dec-1904 PA

     b. 30-Jul-1824 Meyersdale, Somerset County PA
     d. 02-Nov-1870 Stonycreek Twp, Somerset County PA

Abraham D. was the son of Daniel Miller and Maria Mast
Leah was the daughter of Jacob Gnaegi and V. Hochstetler

Abraham and Leah MILLER

     b. 10-Apr-1794 Berlin, Somerset County PA
     m. 21-May-1815 Maria Mast
     d. 18-Apr-1835, Berlin, Somerset County PA

Maria MAST
     b. 21-Mar-1796 Berlin, Somerset County PA
     d. 21-Apr-1895 Berlin, Somerset County PA

Daniel was the son of Abraham Miller and Anna Hochstetler
Maria was the daughter of Joseph Mast and Fanny Berkey

Abraham MILLER
     b. 13-May-1766 Berks County PA
     m. Anna Hochstetler
     d. abt. 1821 Berlin, Somerst County PA

     b. 13-May-1766 Berks County PA

Abraham was the son of Daniel Miller and Veronica Mishler
Anna was the daughter of John Hochstetler and Catherine Hertzler

Daniel Christian MILLER
     b. 1734
     m. 1758
     d. 1777

Veronica MISHLER
     b. 1736
     d. 1826

Census information for Abraham and Leah Miller
1850 Census, Somerset County PA
Stoney Creek Township, Page 119
DW:18, FM:18
MILLER, Abraham 27, M, Farmer, $1400, PA
", Leah 23, F, PA
", Moses 5, M, PA
", Caroline 4, F, PA
", Sarah 2, F, PA
", John 1, M, PA
GLOSS, Eve 12, F, Attends School, PA
1860 Census, Somerset County PA
Stonycreek Township, hand-written page #129
PO: Shanksvill; DW:887, FM:889
MILLER, Abraham 36, M, Farmer, $5000/$1421, PA
", Laurah 34, F, PA
", Moses 15, M, Attends School, PA
", Caroline 14, F, Attends School, PA
", Sarah 12, F, Attends School, PA
", John 11, M, Attends School, PA
", Abraham 9, M, Attends School, PA
", Nancy 8, F, Attends School, PA
", Jacob 7, M, PA
", Mary 5, F, PA
", Catharine, 4, F, PA
", Edward 1, M, PA
1870 Census, Somerset County PA
Stony Creek Township, Page 532
PO: Lavansville, DW:62, FM:66
MILLER, Abraham D. 47, M-W, Farmer, $4000/$1740, Penna
", Lea 46, F-W, Keeping house, Penna
", Caroline 23, F-W, Penna
", Abraham 19, M-W, Penna
", Jacob 17, M-W, Penna, attends school
", Mary 15, F-W, Penna, attends school
", Catherine 14, F-W, Penna, attends school
", Joseph 8, M-W, Penna, attends school
", Daniel 4, M-W, Penna
1880 Census, Somerset County PA
Stony Creek Township, ED:26,
Hand-written page #34; DW:302, FM:313
MILLER, Abraham 56, W-M, Farmer, PA-PA-PA
", Sarah (wife) 42, Keeping house, PA-GER-PA
", Joseph (son) 18, W-M, Farm Laborer, PA-PA-PA
", Daniel (son) 15, W-M, Farm Laborer, PA-PA-PA
", Hettie (dau) 4, W-F, PA-PA-PA
SCHROCK, Rebecca (Servant) W-F, 18, PA-PA-PA
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