Drawing illustrated by Bill Frazee (

Notes from Bill

I researched this at Monmouth College Library, NJ. Sketched the drawing from the Rieststap Armorial General Book which is on reserve at that Library. I spent many hours on the drawing it was in black & white. It was registered after 1300.

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This is finished according to the registered Coat of Arms. The spelling of Frazee in the Banner (FRACY) was the original spelling when registered with the C.O.Arms. Rieststap Armorial General which contains all recognized legitimate C.O.A.'s. It describes the original Frazee colors, It reads as follows: Divided 1&4 Blue, a Gold Stag Attacking, 2&3, Silver, with Five Red Diamonds, arranged like a cross, Center Divided, Gold, A Black Eagle, Wings Spread, Black, with a Gold Star, above the shield and helmet is the CREST which is described as: " A Gold Stag issuing between Two Black Wings." The Banner usually had a "Battle Cry" The Frazee's had NO Motto or Battle Cry that I could find. I transferred the name to the Banner. FRACY was a surprise spelling and was located separate below the Banner.

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