Wertz Family Plot

This cemetery is located about 1/4 to 1/2 mile (NNE) off the North Fork Dam Road, on township land that was formerly the William Wertz farm.  It is in the middle of the forest, and is heavily overgrown with vegetation.  Finding it was difficult, even for natives of the area.  Would recommend looking for it during fall, winter or early spring when the vegetation would be minimal.

WERTZ, William    b. Aug 30, 1836   d. May 14, 1876

WERTZ, Josiah    b. Oct 3, 1862   d. Nov 5, 1882

WERTZ, Malinda   b. May 22, 1867   d. Mar 3, 1870

WERTZ, Polly   b. Feb 22, 1873   d. Apr 18, 1874

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