Tire Hill School, Conemaugh Township (1901-1902)

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Conemaugh Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania


Presented by:

J. E. Weaver, Teacher

Directors:		Jacob L. Kaufman		Lem K. Johns
				Samuel Livingston		John Thomas
				John Lahr				Samuel Thomas
E. E. Pritts, County Superintendent	

Names of Pupils:

First Grade:		Freda M. Kaufman		Mary M. Blough
					Olive Kring				Annie McClellan
					Robert L. Webb			C. Alonza Horner
					John Barron				Wilber McClellan
					Harry Thomas			Annie Chaplain
					Elsie Chaplain

Second Grade:		Russell Keim			Russell Bowers
					Ida Horner				Cloyd Barron
					Levi L. Lape

Third Grade:		Earl R. Mishler			Bertha Lape
					Irvin Kaufman			Melva Barron
					Nora E. Thomas			Nora E. Mishler
					Cloyd Speicher			David E. Kaufman
					Harry H. Kaufman		Franklin L. Thomas
					Arthur N. Blough

Fourth Grade:		Lillie F. Keim			Bertha M. Blough
					Stella P. Bowers		Cloyd C. Mishler
					Minnie M. Horner		Irvin A. Horner
					Ella Thomas			Katie Horner


Fifth Grade:		Edith M. Blough		Lizzie A. Thomas
					E. Trella Risch		Simon L. Blough
					David H. Shetler		Katie Weaver
					M. Amanda Kaufman		William Thomas
					Irvin A. Risch			William Shetler
					William Lape			Leola Manges

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