Thomas Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the Merle Mishler farm near Davidsville.  The cemetery is not in the best condition; very overgrown with weeds, stones broken or lying down, inscriptions worn off, etc.  The headstones are all made of native stone and were inscribed by hand, mostly with initials only.  The headstones which were somewhat readable were generously transcribed by Charles Richard Alwine as follows:

THOMAS, Emanuel   b. May 1830   d. Nov 1917

M.T.   1878

J.T.   b. 1868   d. 1891

S.T.    d. Jan 10, 1869   age 8yrs 10mo

G.T.   b. 1854    d. 1885

F.T.   b. 1861   d. 1881

M.L.B.M.    d. 1854

B.M.   d. 1844 

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