Conemaugh Township Cemeteries

This index of Conemaugh Township cemeteries has been graciously provided by Brian J. Ensley.  Brian has spent a great deal of time compiling a more accurate listing of cemeteries in the township, and is currently working on a book on that topic. 

Cemeteries with links are those for which I have transcribed, or have been given a transcription of, the tombstones contained therein. Some of the data is from the old WPA surveys done in the 1930s.  Please keep in mind that this data is only a tool.  Errors in transcription occur, particularly when trying to read very old tombstones which are faded and worn, or in some cases, partially buried.  Many of the old cemeteries in the township are on private farms, or in wooded areas, where vegetation has all but covered many of the tombstones, making it extremely difficult to get to them for transcription purposes.

If you have data for any of the following cemeteries that you would be willing to contribute to this site, please e-mail me (Christine Alwine Paige).  A REMINDER:  Cemetery compilations, even when found in a public place, may be copyrighted.  Please check with the author/compiler for permission to copy them before sending them to me for this site, or let me know that you are not sure if the work is copyrighted or not.  If you need guidance on copyright issues, please check here:  Cyndi's List - Copyright Issues.