Fink Congregation, Southampton Twp.

The first 22 listings below as deaths recorded by the Rev Ben. Knepper in the Fink Congregation. Many of these persons are buried in the Fink Cemetery, some having no markers. By John Getz - see notes below for more information.

Last NameFirst NameDayYearDayYearYearsMosDaysRelativeRelated To or Remarks
BealEliza**Aug 151879371128WifeJohn
BittnerCatherine**Nov 131861631016**
BittnerJonathan J.**Dec 14188771114**
BittnerEliza**Sep 12189070418WifeJonathan J.?
BittnerMiss Lydia**Sep 518622030**
BrodourMary**Apr 11187532724**
MartzJonathan**Aug 20189382316**
MartzLevi**Oct 9188641518**
MoserGeorge**Apr 4186242026**
MoserWilliam**Nov 10185538722**
MoserMary Magdalena**Jul 518587862**
MoserMichael**Aug 10185978****
PettenbrinkAnna**Mar 1418937459**
PettenbrinkChristian**Mar 18189475424**
RanpachCharles F.**Feb 918877552**
ShoemakerCatherine**Dec 28186247816WifeIsrael
ShoemakerIsrael**Apr 13187259913**
ShoemakerIda**Jan 2918851852OFJacob
ShoemakerLydia**Mar 218622119WifeJacob
SipeMalinda**Jun 2918522421**
SnyderLena**Jul 3018762455DauChrist Stoner
ShumakerWilliam**Sep 11189750424OFIsrael (Shoemaker)
BittnerC.C.Sep 171888Sep 171888

DauWm H.
HarmMinnieJul 251874Apr 141911*****
HasselrodeIrvinDec 121908Sep 71909

SonF.J. & E.M.
HasselrodeHenryMay 271844Dec 221910*****
MartzAmos J.*1872*1921*****
MartzMary J.*1915*19??*****
MartzJacobJan 111800?Aug 221924*****
MartzLeviApr 51845Oct 91886*****
MartzNorman G.Feb 131875Apr 91877*****
MartzFranklin**Sep 2018691419**
MartzLovina**Sep 2718691421**
MartzGeorge W.**Aug 1018641413**
MartzIsabel**Oct 101866142**
MartzSarahJul 31843Sep 221923*****
MartzEmma M.Mar 151877Jun 21902*****
MartzRachel**Jul 1418987312WifeGeorge
MayGoldyMar 301902Feb 131904***DauW.H. & D.
MoserWm.Feb 161817Nov 81855*****
MoserMary**Jul 318557863Wife"M"
MoserMichael**Aug 818597754**
MosesGeorge**Apr 1218621114SonM. & M.M.
ShoemakerIsrael**Apr 11187259913**
ShoemakerCatherine**Dec 26186340816WifeIsrael ?
ShoemakerHarmon**Dec 241863001*
ShoemakerJanice P**Oct 41855082*
StonerMary Ann**May 10188358110**
StonerC.F.Apr 211818Jul 81905*****
StonerMary A.*1849*1920*****

The remainder of the listings are from inscribed stones in the Fink Cemetery which is located in Sothhampton Twp.,Somerset Co., Pa. about 50 rods south of the old abandoned Fink Reform Church on the hill in the woods.

Updated on: 3/17/1999.