Kaltenbaugh Cemetery, Shade Township

Transcribed by Daryl A. Reed and Hope M. Weigle on May 17, 1999.

Origionally known as the Ridge Cemetery, this cemetery is located on the hill above the Charles Cable farm.

Surname Given Name Dates Notes
C.B.   6OCT1844 scratched in stone
D.B.   18? scratched in stone
Berkebile Issac 10FEB1819-2APR1890 veteran
  Harriet 17OCT1819-18FEB1897  
Berkebile? S. 26MAY1852  
Brubaker Anne w/o Abm. d-21APR1874 ag- 67 inscription
Clark Samuel d-26APR1886 ag-69-7-12  
Eppley Lee Roy d-28SEP1892  
Haflinger Louisa w/o Gottlieb d-22JAN1890 ag-26-7-22  
  Charlie G. s/o G. & L. d-12AUG1882 ag- 2-2-3  
  Frederick W. s/o G. & L. d-16OCT1890 ag-1-0-3  
Kaltenbach Christian d-25NOV1866 ag-53-11-25 Text II Corinthians 5 ch. 1&2 ver.
  Caroline d/o C. & C. d-20JAN1857 ag- 0-6-4  
  Eve d/o C. & C. d-27DEC1862 ag-4-7-2  
  Elizabeth d/o C. & C. d-29DEC1862 ag-0-11-17  
Kaltenbauch Mary M. w/o J. d-4NOV1870 ag-25-9-12  
Lilly Benedict d-15APR1806 ag-77-0-21 Rev. War
  Mary Ann 25DEC1831-23JAN1907  
D.M.   1866 scratched in stone
Manges Ivo Roy d-18OCT1898 ag-0-7-12 inscription
Naugle John 1793-1878  
  Christena w/o John d- 3FEB1875 ag-74-9-24  
  Martha d/o J. & C. d-15APR1897 ag-1-4-0  
  William s/o John & Polly d-21FEB1882 ag-20-2-8 inscription
Need J.   scratched in stone
P.     scratched in stone
LP   17OCT1860 scratched in stone
GBP     scratched in stone
Homer   1829 scratched in stone
J.R.   17OCT1860 scratched in stone
M. R.   5SEP1866 scratched in stone
Ripple Jacob 9APR1818-14APR1882  
  Mary 25JUN1821-13JUL1868  
Shaffer Rachel w/o Philip J. 17MAY1868  
  Louisa d/o P. & R. d-19APR1861 ag-27 days  
  Ephraim s/o P. & R. d-23JUL1861 ag-1-6-10 inscription
  Lucy d/o P. & R. 6MAY1863  
  Jeremiah s/o P. & R. d-28JUN1863 ag-23 days  
Young Lovina w/o S. d-12AUG1890 ag-24-2-15  
  Carrie d/o S. & L. d-25NOV1889  
??   d- 18OCT1882 ag-7-0-12 inscription

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