Unnamed (Henry Black's Slave) Cemetery

Situated in Stonycreek Twp., Somerset County, Pennsylvania


Located on the farm of Robert Baldwin, formerly the Black Homestead near Brotherton north of the road Rt. 31, near the creek and east of the buildings about 50 rods under a large oak tree at the edge of the field, containing about 18 graves well defined with native stone, but no inscriptions on any of the stones.

  No one knows who are buried here;  there is a tradition that it is an Indian burial place,  this is probably a mistake.  More likely people who were traveling west on the Glade road, not residents who resided on this farm.  

The Henry Black family who were pioneer settlers on this farm are buried south of Rt. 31 in Brothers Valley Twp.

18 graves.  Oct. 2, 1934  J.J.S. & E.C.S.

 Fall of 1945:  State Archeclogists  studied this cemetery, thru their recollections and Mrs. Olivia Weigle it was determined there were 35 graves of slaves owned by Henry Black.

See "A Somerset Co. Historical Notebook" by Mary Hause.

Transcribed from WPA records by Sharon Newton Burnes.

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