Ringler Cemetery

Situated in Stonycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA., on the farm owned by Shipley Brothers, in a field above the orchard near the woods and 2/3 near the top of the hill along an old road.

Transcribed from WPA records by Nancy Hallberg.

no. surname relationship born died aged notes
4 RINGLER Solomon 4-12-1890 85y 8m 8d
5 RINGLER Mary wife nee Mosholder 8-3-1896 ?
1 YUTCY Charles C. son of S. & L. 12-28-1862 ?
2 YUTCY Daniel son of S. & L. 12-31-1862 7 months
3 YUTCY Benjamin son of S. & L. 5-26-1854 1y 11m 2d

12 graves of children marked with native stones, not inscribed. 4 adult graves marked with native stone, not inscribed. Apparently the bodies of Jacob Ringler and wife were removed.

One of the adult graves is said to contain the remains of Susie Duncan a sister of Solomon Ringler who died in St. Louis, MO.

Total 22 graves. Copied Nov. 21, 1924.  E.C. S.

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