Reitz Cemetery

Situated in Stonycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA., on the farm of Joseph Reitz, about 1/4 mile north east of Roxbury, north of the buildings about 20 rods along the road.

Transcribed from WPA records by Nancy Hallberg.

no. surname relationship born died aged notes
3 KANE Elenora 2-29-1848 71
1 REITZ Hartman 8-30-1830 77y 3m 10d
2 REITZ Sarah wife 3-6-1894 72y 1m 24d
4 REITZ George s/o H. & S. 5-22-1849 2 days
5 REITZ Susanna d/o H. & S. 7-27-1856 1y 11m 0d
6 REITZ Infant son s/o J. & L. 7-5-1884
7 REITZ Edna G. d/o J. & L. 3-22-1894 3y 3m 7d
8 REITZ Nevin s/o J. & L. 3-5-1894 0y 6m 5d

Total 8 graves.


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