Rayman Burial Ground

Thank you to Calvin and Mary Elizabeth Will for providing the following directions.

From Route 31 at Brotherton turn north onto Coleman Station Road. After crossing the turnpike watch for Sandy (Shady) Hollow Road going off to the right. Take this road for about .4 miles to the cemetery which is very close to the road on the right.

Transcribed from WPA records by Nancy Hallberg.

no. surname relationship born died aged notes
1 RAYMAN Charles 11-14-1862 85y 10m 6d
2 RAYMAN Catherine wife 9-29-1849 64y 6m 17d
3 RAYMAN Ephriam s/o J. G. & S. 8-1-1876 18y 8m 5d
4 RAYMAN Nancy w/o George G. 4-13-1876 66y 10m 22d
5 RAYMAN George G. 12-30-1867 58y 0m 24d
6 RAYMAN David 6-24-1842 10-20-1862 G. A. R.
7 RAYMAN Elizabeth w/o George 8-25-1854 74y 0m 14d
8 RAYMAN George 9-4-1834 61y 3m 20d
13 REAM Elizabeth w/o Jacob B. 1-21-1874 33y 1m 7d
9 SNYDER John 9-24-1813 10-2-1893
10 SNYDER Lydia 4-23-1817 2-27-1894
11 SNYDER Lydia 3-8-1880 20y 8m 13d
12 SNYDER Jacob J. 5-21-1877 24y 0m 2d
14 SNYDER Henry 7-7-1865 21y 4m 25d G. A. R.

Total 29 graves - children & not inscribed graves omitted. 


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