Pugh Cemetery

Situated in Stonycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA., on the farm of Gladen Walker about 70 rods due west of the buildings on the hill.

Transcribed from WPA records by Nancy Hallberg.

BURNS Clara C. d. 12-10-1889 Age 16 y 7 m 12d
BURNS Mary C. w/o W. d. 12-10-1889 Age 39 y 9m 1d
COLEMAN Boaz d. 10-16-1889 Age 36y 2m 19 d
COLEMAN Sarah E. 1824-1922  
COLEMAN Wm. H. 1822-1894  
PUGH Rachel b. 7-7-1803 d. 4-28-1882
PUGH James b. 1-8-1794 d. 2-12-1872
PUGH Boaz b. 5-11-1796 d. 4-5-1876
PUGH Susanna b. 8-23-1800 d. 5-5-1886

Elizabeth w/o John nee Weigel

d. 8-20-1874 age 31 y 8m 27 d
PUGH Jerome F. d. 8-13-1888 age 25y 1 m 10 d
PUGH James b. 1-23-1764 d. 2-1841
PUGH Polly nee Mary Hulet of Trenton, NJ

(Notes: no dates, wife of James, Pioneers of the family)


Total 29 graves - children & not inscribed graves omitted. Copied June 22, 1946.


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