Irvin Miller Cemetery

Situated in Stonycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA., on the farm owned by Irvin Miller, also known as the John Will farm, in the lower corner of the second field to the right of the road north of the buildings near a maple tree.

Transcribed from WPA records by Nancy Hallberg.


7 adult graves marked with native stones, not inscribed said to contain the remains of DANIEL MILLER and some of his family. The widow MARY or SARAH then married a man by the name of Swartzendruber, she died near Goshen, Indiana.

Also 1 grave outside the original enclosure which contains PETER PETERSHAM, who hanged* in the old barn on the A. P. Kimmel farm, adjoining Miller

* This is how it is written.  Does this mean he was hanged or he hanged himself?


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