Werner, Conrad Farm Cemetery
Situated in Northampton Twp., Somerset Co., Pa., on the Conrad Werner
farm, north of buildings about 50 rods in field next to sugar grove.
Boyer Samson d. 11-1-1849 ag.19-6-14
" Jonathan d. 11-7-1849 ag.27-2-14
" Benjamin d. 6-20-1865 ag. 69-5-3
" Elizabeth wife d. 10-8-1882 ag. 90-7-5
Martz Mary Ann field stone, not inscribed
" Eva field stone, not inscribed
Coughenour 2 children of Abe. Field stone markers.
1 grave, unknown, not inscribed
TOTAL  9 graves.
Transcribed from WPA records by Barbara Hartley-Sedillos