Bowman Cemetery
Situated in Northampton Twp., Somerset Co. Pa. On the Peter Felker farm
north of the buildings about 60 ft  off the road leading to Mance.
Bowman, Daniel d.12-10-1856 ag 72-8-3
Bowman, Catherine    d.9-22-1859 ag 66-0-12 relict
Bowman, Aaron s/o G. & E. d. 12-22-1870     ag20-6-22
Bowman, William d. 8-10-1905 ag 83-11-0
Bowman, Elizabeth wife  d. 11-8-1870 ag 35-7-19
Bowman, Mary wife d. 5-15-1905 ag 70-2-10
Total 9 graves- children & not inscribed graves omitted.
Transcribed from WPA records by Barbara Hartley-Sedillos