Bittner, B.F. Farm Cemetery
Situated in Northampton Twp., Somerset Co. Pa. On the B.F. Bittner farm 1/2 mile from
buildings, on the lower side of road leading to Glencoe.
Meyers, John hn O. b. 2-4-1847 d.9-15-1895
Meyers, Elizabeth b.10-25-1888 ag 56-0-12
Meyers, Ruben d.1-17-1872 ag 45-4-23
Meyers, Daniel B.  Infant s/o R.& E. d.5-8-1871
Meyers, Nora  d/o R.& E.  E. ag 1-3-3 d. 8-7-1865
2 small graves, field stone markers
Total 7 graves
Transcribed from WPA records by Barbara Hartley-Sedillos