Old Burial Ground

Situated on the Henry Zimmerman farm about 1 1/2 miles southwest of Stoystown in Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., Pa. The farm before it's purchase by Mr. Zimmerman 40 years ago was owned by a Short, a Gardner had taken out the patent from the state.

Mr. Zimmerman's father told him about the old grave yard supposedly containing 23 graves, and showed him it's location. It was grown over with sassafras trees 20 feet high. Mr. Zimmerman cut down the trees and underbrush and noticed a plot of land 40 by 50 feet slightly elevated. The "gravelike" appearance of the surface of the plot and the regular placing of a few flat field stones indicated burial plot. The only 2 people known to be buried there are a man named Berkey, reported to be the buried there and a man named Gardner who chocked to death on a piece of meat while attending a party at this place.

Total 23 graves

Transcribed from WPA records by Barbara Hartley-Sedillos.

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Updated on: 3/24/2000.