Bethany United Methodist Church, Bakersville, Pa.

This church is located about one mile from Edie on the Bakersville Edie Road,Somerset County,Pa. Originally there was a frame church built October 17,1899(looked like a one-room school house). It stood above the driveway of the present stone church. The old church was started by a few Christians that felt the need for a place they could come together and worship God. It actually began as a Prayer Meeting in the Old Johnston House(bunch of little huts), then held at the Miller School, then the Bethany School. As the group grew larger, land was purchased from Emanuel Ankey. Records show that on July 25, 1896, an election was held naming the First Trustees:

  • John Miller 3 yr. term
  • Issac Berkey 2 yr. term
  • John Barnt 1 yr. term
  • Treasurer Josiah Moore
  • Organist was Dorothy Moore
    The frame church served its purpose until the year of 1921 when a new pastor came to the church. he was Rev. W.M.Minard, he felt the need for a better and larger building, so the new stone church got underway February 3, 1921. It was completed 1922, size-45 feet by 90 feet. A seating capacity of 250. It was dedicated in 1923. A Spirit of Dedication was observed July 1, 1924. No names on who built the original church.
    The carpenters for the stone church were:
  • Harry Gardner, Norman Kuhlman
    Stone workers were: Luteri brothers
  • Peter
  • Joseph
  • Andy
    A Record of what was paid to those that helped built the church shows that:
  • Carpenters were paid $1.50 day
  • Labors $1.00 day
  • Teams and wagons for hauling $2.50 a day.
    All days were 10 hours long. The names in the windows are the names of the people that donated money for the windows.

    I'd like to thank Nelma Stern, Church historian for this information.


    #1-Cemetery after Municipal Road, it is up on a hill. If you know the name of this cemetery, please let me know.

  • Roger Lee Frampton....August 27-Oct 19
  • William D. Frampton.... 1909-1970 (Dad)
  • Bertha V. Frampton.... June 12,1913 (same stone as Howard)
  • Howard L. Frampton.... Sept 3,1906-Dec 19,1984 (same stone as Bertha)
  • Meade W. Frampton.... 1899-1966 (same stone as Gertrude)
  • Gertrude M. Frampton.... 1902-1974 (same stone as Meade)

    GINDELSPERGERS- I never wrote the names down, but there are some buried here

  • John B. Moore.... 1895-1982 (same stone as Pearl)
  • Pearl L.(Helw?)Moore.... 1892-1985 (same stone as John)
  • Cyrus Moore.... 1862-1923
  • Emma G. Moore.... 1862-1941
  • Edward K. Moore.... 1890-1944
  • Ernest W. Moore.... Sept 18,1921-Sept 9,1989, PFC 502 MP WWII (same stone as Ella)
  • Ella J. Moore.... Sept 19,1923- Oct 25,1984 (same stone as Ernest)
  • Carol Ann Moore.... May 15,1938- (same stone as Ella and Ernest)

  • Clifford J. Sarver.... Sept 11,1938 (same stone as Ruby)
  • Ruby R. Sarver.... Jan 8,1939
  • Jane.... 1918 (same stone as Iris)
  • Iris.... 1925 (same stone as Jane)

  • Joseph Shank.... d.1910
  • Harriet Shank.... d.1875
  • Ellen Shank Maust.... 1924

    #2-St Johns United Methodist Church,Edie Road. Pastor; B.K. Ritendor

  • Catherine Geisel....June 27,1827-Oct 1,1907
  • Henry Geisel....July 24,1820-June 27,1883
  • Annie Geisel....June 1869, 5 years,2 mo, 10days

  • Irvin H. Good....July 6,1865-Apr 19,1949, PVT CO I 5th Reg. PA. VOL. INF.-Spanish-American
  • Catherine Good....Oct 7,1880-Feb 24,1963

  • Elmer Moore....Sept 12, 1927-Aug 21,1996, PVT US Army WWII
  • Emma K. Moore....June 28,1930 (same stone as Elmer)
  • Glenn Moore....tombstone with sheep on top
  • Eliz. Moore....died Feb 16,1897, 82 yrs.11mo.15da
  • William Moore....Aug 29,1888, 25 yrs.18da
  • Peter Moore....1841-1896, Co. G. 142 Reg. Pa. Vol.
  • Susannah....1841-1920 (Peters wife)
  • Jacob P. Moore(father)....Jan 22,1904-1955
  • Nelson G. Moore....1874-1936
  • Laura A. Moore....1882-1954
  • Lillian Moore....May 19,1930 (same stone as Eugene)
  • Eugene J. moore....Dec 9,1926-Nov 5,1981, PECHO CO. 29th Inf. Reg. WWII

    #3-Bethany United Methodist Church,located next to the Church above

  • Harry W. Moore....1886-1957
  • Emma L. Moore....1886-1922(wife of Harry)
  • Infant dau. of Harry and Emma....b.1921
  • Matilda Moore(dau)....Sept 20,1940-Nov 12,1940
  • Eugene Moore(son)....Aug 6,1938-Sept 29,1938(same stone as Matilda)
  • L.A.M....small white stone
  • Monroe Moore....Mar 14,1882-Feb 28,1924
  • Lydia Annie Moore....Nov 24,1881-June 26,1964(wife of Monroe)
  • Elmer C. Moore(Father)....1889-1967
  • Kathryn B. Moore(Mother)....1895-1968
  • S.E. Moore....1894-1976
  • Irvin W. Moore....Jan 5,1915
  • G. Marie Moore....Sept 9,1917-Dec 2,1994
  • Paul S. Moore....May 5, 1952-Feb 15,1967(Our Son)
  • Irvin Ellwood Moore....March 20,1968-Oct 3,1987(son of Deborah and Glenn)
  • Ralph W. Moore....Aug 7,1942-Sept 17,1954(Our Son)
  • Cyrus W. Moore....May 7,1892-March 30,1963
  • Rose E. Moore Jan 25,1896-Nov17,1966(wife of Cyrus)
  • Minnie Moore....April 23,1914-Oct 28,1973(dau of Cyrus and Rose)
  • Ruth Moore....Aug 1931-Oct 1931(dau of Rose and Cyrus)
  • Mae Moore....Nov 3,1921-April 20,1923(dau of Rose and Cyrus)
  • No Marker, Twin boys buried with Cyrus W. Moore

    #4-Again I don't know the name but it is located beside the Episcopal Church.

  • James H. Moore....1873-1959
  • Mary K. Moore....1891-1963