Cemetery Index - F

Cemetery Name Township Transcribed By
Faidley (Alexander) Farm Burial UpperTurkeyfoot Twp. Beverly Sellers-Niel
Fairview Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Twp. Cliff Groff
Fichtner Cemetery Northampton Twp. Barbara Hartley-Sedillos
Fike Burial Ground Elk Lick Twp. Dale Burkholder
Fink Cemetery Southampton Twp. John Getz
Fink Congregation Southampton Twp. .
Finley Cemetery Greenville Twp. Kerry L. Miller
Flicklinger Burial Ground Somerset Twp. Sharon Newton Burnes
Folk (Sam.) Farm Burial Elk Lick Twp. Jean Wall
Foust Burial Ground Brothers Valley Twp. Jean Wall
Foustwell Cemetery Paint Twp. Rosemary Miller and Donna Knupp
Frantz Farm Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Twp. Cliff Groff
Friedens Cemetery (Photos) Somerset Twp. Ellis Michaels
Friedline Burial Ground Lincoln Twp. Bonnie Schultz
Friedline Cemetery Jenner Twp. Barbara Hartley-Sedillos
Fritz Lutheran Cemetery (a.k.a. St. Paul) Brothers Valley Twp. Dale Burkholder
Fyock Cemetery Paint Twp. Rosemary Miller and Donna Knupp

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