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Pat Scotson BABST, George - b. abt. 1831 in Germany; d. abt. 1875 Somerset Co., PA
Ann Heinz CARMICHAEL, Daniel - b. 1834 Somerset Co; d. 1884 Westmoreland Co
Marilyn Lange CHECKELSKY, George - d. Dec 24, 1937 in Somerset Co., PA
Richard Matlick CUCKLER / KUCKLER, Levinah / Lavinah / Lavina - Elk Lick Twp
Sandy (Davison) Bressler DAVISON, Samuel - b. abt. 1774; d. abt. 1835
Betty Ross DIETER, Charles - b. abt 1826 Pa; d. after 1900, Somerset Co ?
Adrienne Cargo DUMBAULD, Sarah "Sally" - b. ca.1830 possibly Somerset County, PA
Ann Heinz FAGAN, Samuel - b. 1818 in Bedford Co.
Stacey Siepmann FILSON, Rebecca - b. approx. 1825 in Somerset Couunty, PA
Carolyn K. Shearer FLORY, Mary - wife of Abraham Flory Jr who died 1796 Elk Twp.
Chris Forbes FORBES, Patrick - b. 1759 Somerset Co.; d. 1803 Louisiana
Charles Martin Jacob Fuller - and wife Rachael Mulholland
Kathi Haymond GLOSS/GLASS/GLAUS, Benjamin - b.1803 in Pa; d.17 Sept 1855 Somerset County, PA
Eva Dayle Zippay HAMILTON, Daniel - family
Lois Ellis HAMPE, Charles (or Hemp, or Hempe) - b. 1831/1832 in Germany
Linda Harden-Lantz HARDEN, William - my ancestor - died 1847
Warren Shumaker HUMBERT, Lucinda - d. 1883 at age 43, Somerset County
Jean Wall JANECZEK, Nellie - b. 1910 Jenners Township, Somerset County
Dennis McDowell McDOWELL, Joseph - b.1852 Fayette Co., Pa in Somerset by 1903
Jane Middleton MIDDLETON, Hutchinson, Sr (b. 1775 in Md.) & Jr (b. 1798 in Berlin, Pa)
April Peterson MILLER, Charles - b. 1809 in Somerset County, Pa
Janet L. Gray MILLER, John - family
Merikay Mestad MINNING, Barbara - b. ca. 1765 in Md or Pa; m. John Marteeny
Richard Farrell MINOR, Stephenson Leslie (b. 1820 in Somerset County Pa; died 1871)
Debbie Wetlaufer MORLEY, Calvin (living in Somerset, PA in 1840)
Phyllis Oyler OHLER / OYLER, Hiram - b. about 1828; died in late 1864
Kathy Leeson OLINGER, Phillip C. - b. about 1808; died 1874
Kate Riley RILEY, James - approx. 1826 to 1885
Patty Ringer Brown RINGER, Joseph - b. 1775; d. 25-Mar-1863; buried in Mercer Co., PA
Frances Robinson ROBINSON / WIRSING, Addison Township, 1790s +
Sally Huntley RODDY, John - b. 1790 Somerset Co., PA; d. 1861 Cambria Co., PA
Carol Randall ROMESBURG, Silas
Sharon Trosan ROSE, David - born 1815; died 1889
Edward Driscoll RYAN, John - and his wife, Mary Whelan, who immigrated to PA about 1840
Anne Gilbert SANDS, Elizabeth - b. 1801 Somerset PA; d. 1880 Miami Co., OH
Patsy Sutton SCHNEIDER, Catherine - born 16 June 1761 in unknown place
Stacey Siepmann SHAFFER, William - born approx. 1825 in PA
Barb Goss SMITH, Margaret - born around 1798 and her sister Elizabeth SMITH
Ellen Sterner STERNER, John - born 25-Aug-1788; died 18-Sep-1867(or 1869)
Jeff Smith SUDER, Harmon - b.1834, d. between 1907-1910. Fairhope PA
David Gadd SUITER, Philip - 1765-1844, 1800 census in Brothersvalley Township
Pat Davis SWISHER / SWITZER family in Brothersvalley Township
DeAnn Caddy THOMPSON, Albert B. - b. 12-Nov-1853 in Somerset PA (and his parents)
Adam McQuery QUERY, Alexander - b. 27-Jan-1747 in Pennsylvania
Lee Wallace WALLACE, John - b. 7/30/1837 Shade Township, Somerset County PA
Rosalie Siri WILKINSON, Samuel - b. 1808
Nancy Rigopoulos WOODS, Isaac - b. 1802 in Somerset Co PA; looking for his parents
Judy Jones YODER, Lavina Keller - b. abt. 1836, Somerset County, PA
Mary Ward ZIMMERMAN, Henry - b. abt 1808 in Germany, d. abt 1858 in PA

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