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RESEARCHER BRICKWALL: Hiram Ohler/Oyler, born about 1828 / died in late 1864
Phyllis Oyler

I have been searching for my husband’s third-great-grandfather for over 30 years. I have maxed out all the sources I could find when I lived in Johnstown and have periodically returned and again searched without luck. I am hoping someone might be able to help me.

The man’s name was Hiram Ohler/Oyler,
he was born about 1828 and died in late 1864.

He married Ellen (Shaffer) she was born @1830 death date unknown.

The few members of his family that are still alive agree that he was a blacksmith and supposedly was killed by a horse he was shoeing.

He is listed on the Stoyestown 1850 census, he and his wife living with another family and on the 1860 census alone with 5 children. Ellen and Hiram disappear on the 1870 census.

My husband's great-great-grandfather James Buchanan Oiler is listed as being 11 years old and as a domestic servant in 1870 (Stoyestown Borough, Somerset County census). Orphans court dockets list that he owned 1/2 acre of land that was sold to pay his debts. They also list payment for the gravediggers. My assumption from that is that he was buried in Somerset County. Because I am not sure if he was born or moved there and because I can’t find any records listing him with a father I have no idea where he was born. There is an Andrew and a Frederick living in Stoyestown at the same time, both of the right age to be his father.

Most of the Oylers in Somerset either came from Bedford County or from Frederick County Maryland. I have searched all the cemeteries in the area, gone to the courthouse, historical societies etc. trying to find proof. I believe no money existed for a headstone so one was probably never erected. There are also stories of Ellen dying young and some of some of the children going west on a wagon train. I am out of ideas for where to look.

If I can find his father I am sure I can link him back to the original immigrant who was a Revolutionary War Vet. I would appreciate any help or suggestions anyone may have.

Phyllis Oyler


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