This page contains information on published sources of biographical materials. It also contains links to user-submitted family history.

The best collections of published biographies are at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

  • Index to Pennsylvania County Histories is a 75,000 card index at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh -- for western Pennsylvania. The staff will search for two-three surnames. There is a photocopying fee if copies are requested.
  • Other good sources of biography for Somerset County and western Pennsylvania include: Annals of Southwestern Pennsylvania, by Lewis Clark Walkinshaw, 4 volumes; History of Bedford and Somerset County, by William H. Welfley, 1906, 3 volumes, 1802pp.; History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, by Waterman-Watkins and Co., 1884, 672pp.; and the Index to History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, by Floyd C. Hoenstine, 1967, 58pp.

Online Biographies

This website is always looking for user donated personal biographies. If you have done substantial work on your ancestor and have a web page or a written document outlining their background, we would love to either link to it or place it online for you.

To submit a typed-written biography - you can send a text file attachment directly to Connie or April.
To read more on how to donate files to this site, please see: How To Donate Materials To This Site.

We have several biographies that Researchers have donated:

Descendant Charts

Personal Correspondence

Online Biographies Board

The following Biography Boards are available for the posting of transcribed biographies of Somerset County families. If you would like to post your ancestors biography to one of our boards please make sure to adhere to the proper format:

Last Name, First Name (birth-death dates)

Also, the RootsWeb/Ancestry board requires you to login before you can post to it. This is for security reasons and allows the poster to update their email address or delete outdated or incorrect entries at a later date. If you do not wish to signup with Ancestry.com -- select the PA-Roots board system. Both are free boards -- the PA-Roots system is maintained by the Pennsylvania GenWeb project.


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