Cook Origins by Richard Nellans

A main information source for this document was The Laurel Messenger, Vol. XXXVII, No. 4 dated Nov 1996. Other details were uncovered through library research. Another important source was A Pictorial History of America - Fulton County Edition by Elia Peattie which was published in 1896. Based on this information, the Cook Family, so far, looks like this:

George Cook/Kock/Koch Sr. was born Jan 10, 1760(or Sep 15, 1761) in Lancaster County, Pa. He died Mar 4th or 5th in 1850. He is buried in the White Oak Church Cemetery(Between Wellersburg and Berlin, Pa. in Somerset Co.) with his second wife, Rachel Troutman(1792-1847). In the 179o's George is thought to have moved to the Wellersburg, Pa. area in Somerset County's Southampton Twp. He became a Revolutionary War Veteran by enlisting in the Pennsylvania Militia (DAR No. 314292). His first wife was Elizabeth Barkley/Berkley who was the daughter of Ludwick. George and Elizabeth came to Allegheny County, MD, in 1792. There they built a saw mill and grist mill. They owned 115 acres on the western slope of Big Savage Mountain. This information comes from the Somerset County Historic Society publication "Monst The Hills" of Somerset County which was published in 1980. The Cooks are Pennsylvania Germans, and Settled in the keystone state very early in our history. They were thorough going and their histories would be only those of thrifty and successful toilers for bread. George and Elizabeth's children were:

Jacob Cook, born Jan 31, 1789, died 1856, married Catherine Hardin (189- ). Jacob owned a house and barn, tax parcel 43-08-80, just north of Wellersburg that he obtain from sometime before 1830 from the Korns Family. At the time it was acquired by Jacob, it was located on a 190 acre parcel. Jacob also owned lots and a tavern in Wellersburg & Hyndman.

Jacob, in his barn, started the first distillery in the area. This homestead tract was purchased by his son, Dennis, who was one of Jacob's ten children. Dennis was a Somerset County Commissioner in 1878. The substantial property holding is a reminder of this influential family and its contribution to the township and county. Previous to living in the Wellersburg area, it is thought Jacob lived and was raised in the Harrisburg, Pa. area.

  1. George (1811-1883) married Rachel Albright (1813-?) daughter of Christian Albright. George and Rachel moved from Wellersburg to Circleville, Ohio for a short period and then moved to Columbus, Ohio from where they moved to Fulton County, Indiana in 1855.

    Their children were:

    1. Catharine (5/4/1833)(Wellersburg Church Record)m William Martin of Fulton Hiram (1835-?) Died unmarried(Maybe buried Circleville or Columbus)
    2. Jesse (2/28/1839-4/5/1862) died unmarried, buried Fulton, Ind. Cemetery.
    3. Elizabeth A.(1842-?)(Wellersburg Church Record) Married Boyd Buchanan
    4. Mary E.(1845-10/8/1861) died unmarried, buried Fulton, Ind. Cemetery
    5. Emeline (1847- ) called "Emma" married Alex Hoover near Macy.

      Pictorial History of America, The Fulton County Edition by Elia Peattie Published in 1896 provided details for lives of George And GW.

    6. George William. (11/10/1850-12/21/1929) married Amanda Martin. He left the farm to start a grocery store in Fulton, Ind. which he continued 49 years until poor health forced his retirement. He was an active Republican who served as township trustee in the 1886 and 1888 terms. He was born in Harrisburg, Pa. He went to Battle Ground College for one term. His wife was the daughter of Riley Martin, a Cass County farmer.

    Their children:

    1. Flo Mae(5/2/1878-4/2/54) married John L. Zook to have only twin daughters, Janet(Zook) Nellans( Carl Raymond) this writer's parents and Janes (Zook) and Janes (Zook) Graham (Clarence Joseph). The twins both reside in South Bend, IN.
    2. Ray D Cook(1/3/90-1/12/66) Jeweler in Detroit married to Emma (?) late marriage with no children. Ray and his brother, Robert Lee, came to Detroit together and worked on the lines of automobile plants until they both started their own businesses.
    3. Bertha B (1/1/80-4/5/61) married and separated from Bert Abbott- Both buried together in South Bend, Indiana's Southlawn Cemetery. She produced sons Arthur who had one daughter, Carolyn Hoffman; Glenn who had one daughter, Helen Blacketor; Tom Leo who had three daughters, Charlotte Myers, Mary Sharkey, and Laura (Deverle).; Harold had a son, Donald and two daughters, Doris Lehman and Janet Summers. Bertha's daughter was Irene who married Virgil "Stretch" Whisman and had daughters Betty Armond and Peggy Berry. Bert Cecil Abbott(b 7/29/1877-) descended from James Thomas Abbott. James Thomas Abbott b Dec 21,1855 near Chili, Ind. He married Rosanna Kochenderfer on Nov 9, 1876 and had one child, Bert. James later moved to Argos, Ind. James' family said to come from Richmond, Va. Via England.
    4. Rose (1883-1968) married Oathe A Eytcheson. Her daughter Rose Marie had no children and was divorced from her husband George Burton. Mother and daughter are buried South Bend's Southlawn Cem.
    5. Lalah Eleanor (1894-1958) married to Howard Frain 1st Howard and Lalah had one child that died at birth. Howard died of a heart attack while he and Lalah were visiting George and Marie Burton at 501 East Hill St. In South Bend. Howard died at 44 years of age. He had been Cashier of Fulton State Bank for 25 years. Two years previous to his death, Howard and Lalah had moved to Grand Rapids where Howard started an insurance business and acquired property near Walhallah, MI on a small lake. After Howard's death, Lalah had a short marriage to Gerritt Ter Meer, a retired printer from the Detroit area. Howard was the son of Daniel and Eleanor Frain of Rochester. He had a brother, CA Frain of Chicago.
    6. Robert Lee(1892-1978) married first Grace Sharpe in Apr 26,1915. Their daughter, Rosemary Lee, was born Jul 26, 1925. Grace Cook passed in Oct. of 1940. Grace's sister was Daisy. marriages. She had four children resulting from the marriages: Martha Getz, Maxine Mosher, Clyde Bemis, and Paula De Cormier. Rosemary was close to these cousins who often lived with them. In 1940 or 41 Lee wed Nancy Irene Coleson. She had been a paint mixer in Lee's Store and had been married previously to Oscar Coleson with with which she had daughter Phyllis. Phyllis married several times and had a dau. Sharon Clark Base who lives at 3509 Tothill Dr. in Troy, MI 48084, and son Robert Clark. Nancy had a sister, Mabel who married Newt Shannon, but but they are both now deceased. Mabel had a Granddaughter, Fran Brown who lives in Vestal, NY 13850; 1300 Valley Rd. In 1957 Lee and Nancy retired to Bradenton, FL where they built a home at 4308 1st Ave. NE. Lee died in Bradenton. Nancy died in a nursing home near her granddaughter, Sharon Base. Their places of burial are unknown.

      Rosemary, at age 16, first married Robert Tremonti who was killed in WWII. They had no children. Jul 26, 1946 Rosemary married Gabriel Paul Stevens. "Gabe" built the new Cook Paint Store as well as his own home on Maxine Street right behind the point store. In 1949 Rosemary contracted Polio and was hospitalized for 8 months. She came home after the hospitalization with serious disabilities, but she went on to become a homemaker, wife, and mother by minimizing those disabilities. Rosemary and Gabriel had 3 children: Dennis Lee born Aug 26, 1948. Dennis first married Lynnette Books to have son Dennis Lee II. His 2nd marriage was to Carol Grace. She had, with a prior husband, Candace Kemberlee, and Jamie. Gabrielle Paula born Sep 20 1952, never married and lives in Nancy and Lee's house in Bradenton. April Ann (Stevens) Phoenix born Aug 12, 1955 had two sons, Scott Austin(Dec 10,1976) and John Robert (Sep 12, 1984).

      Gabriel Paul Stevens was born Aug 28,1919 and died Jan 20, 1982. His father, John Stevens was born in Austria (Croatia) on Sep17, 1886 and died in Detroit in 1966. His wife was Marianna Khyo who was born in Budapest, Hungary on Sep 17, 1886 and who died in Detroit in 1943. Marianna and John arrived at Ellis Island on June 7, 1912. John had his last name legally changed from Stivic to Stevens after he arrived in this country.

    7. George E.(1888-1980) married Goldie Baney of Fulton in 1906. Had sons Arthur, Herschel who married Iris _____, Marvin. The sons all reside in the Indianapolis, Ind. Area.
    8. William Henry.(3/6/1882-1936) married Pearl Hendrickson in 1906. He was a salesman for Watkins Products. Three children: Helen Lorraine who married Ralph W. True to have Howard and Nancy. Geneva who never married. Raymond who married June Babcock (her dad also in grocerybusiness in Fulton-her dad might have bought store from George W. Cook) their children were Marie Diane(b 2/26/42) and James Ray(b3/14/47) who married Sheila Murphy. William(May 25, 1813-?) His first wife was Susan Troutman; his second wife was Ann Studebaker; his third was Cordelia Smith. William and Cordelia lived in Meyersville in 1872 and had one son, Irwin, in 1868.

  2. Jesse (Jun12,1819-May 17, 1893). Married Nov. 21, 1839, Elizabeth Hoyman (7/27/1818-8/26/1900) who was the daughter of Henry. She is buried in Wellersburg. Their children were: Josiah (3/21/1841-?) Wellersburg Church Records married Martha Wilhelm of Bedford Co. Catherine (7/16/1841-3/5/1925) died at Hyndman. Married Samuel Wilhelm of Bedford Co. Jonas Monroe (11/8/1843- 4/4/1927) Was a Civil War Veteran and partner in Cook and Beerits store in Somerset. Married Emma S. Stutzman daughter of Joseph.

    Their children were:

    1. Charles F. (6-8-1869-?) In 1893 married Mary Woy (1850-1923).
    2. Maud (?) married ___ Smith and lived in Rochester, NY. Cora M(?)
    3. Eugene H.(?) who lived in Johnstown.
    4. Daughter(?)-(?) married George L. Brown and lived in Johnstown.
    5. Ernest V.(?)
    6. Mary(?) married Charles D Merritt of NYC
    7. Elizabeth R. lived in Pittsburgh.
    8. Edward L. (3/25/1845-11/30/1927) married Delilah Brubaker daughter of Herman. Lived in Johnstown, Pa. Their children were:
      1. Franklin (10/27/1871-9-23-1928)
      2. George R. (10/27/1872-6/21/1925) married Curtis Peelor
      3. Howard C. (9/1/1874-?) married Mary Marsh
      4. Marion (5/4/1876-?) married Emil Young
      5. Emma (8/25/1878-?) married Edward J. Goggin
      6. Elizabeth(?) married Charles A. Smouse and lived in Cumberland, MD.
      7. Martha E. (1847-?) Married first to Zachariah Carpenter, Married second to unknown husband, married third to Jonathan Carpenter.
      8. Alice (?) married William H. Deal son of Edwin and Nancy (Lepley). Lived in Meyersdale, Pa.
      9. William(?) moved to Johnstown, Pa.
      10. Jesse J. (?) married Belle C. Long of Michael. Lived in Wellersburg Mary(Polly)(1824-1865) married David Hay
      11. Catherine (1827-?) married Jacob Hardin and moved to Illinois.
      12. Dennis(?-?) married Elizabeth Lepley (11/23/1832-?) daughter of Valentine
      13. Sarah (?-1864) married George G. Walker
    9. Jacob (?-1865 ) married Sarah Beal, daughter of Conrad and had:
      1. Solomon(1831-?) became a wagoner in Wellersburg who married
      2. Martha Robbins, daughter of Thomas.
      3. Sarah (?) married Peter Boor (von Boer)
      4. Elizabeth A. (1834-?) (Wellsburg Church Records) Married on 2/27/1853, Wm F. Benford of David and Rebecca.
      5. Noah (1844-?).
      6. Samuel ( 1848-?)
      7. John (?-?) married Eliza Horn and moved to Bedford County, Pa.
      8. Henry (?-?) married to Martha Devore, but had other wives names unknown

    10. George Jr. (born Aug 15, 1793-?) married Catherine Uhl had daughters Polly who married Michael Long and Eliza who married Samuel Long. John - (died as an infant); Sarah - Married David Close; Catherine - Married Samuel Witt who was born Oct 7, 1813 in Dauphin Co. He died Aug 27, 1853 in Circleville, OH; Elizabeth- married John Hardin; Nancy- married John Barnes.

      George Cook/Koch Sr. and Rachel Troutman, his second wife, produced these children: Lydia ( ?) married Jacob Bittner/Bittinger; Lucinda (?) married William Uhl and went to California; Lavina (1822-1904 married , on 3/05/1845, Wm. F. Bittner(1822-1907) son of Frederick; Maria(h) (3/18/1824-9/14/1896) married in 1845, J. Henry Knouf(1822-?) from Bedford Co. and moved to Iowa; Rachel (?) married J. Frantz and moved west to Indiana; Susan (died as an infant); Eliza (?) married F Morehouse; Solomon (?) married Mary A. Hay and moved west to Illinois and then NE.

      Their children:

      Angeline (12/10/1847-?)(White Oak Church Records) married Henry Grohe; William H.(?) married Lydia Hartman and had children Florence, Cheeney, Samuel, Bessie, Mary, and Mabel; George W. (12/21/1851-?) married Mary Uhl and had Charles and Eugene; Charles; Jacob;Samuel and Mary.

      George Cook Jr. appears in Southampton Twp in 1870 Census. His "House Keeper" is Margaret Long. George was 76 and Margaret was 60. His two daughters with Catherine Uhl, Polly married Michael Long and Eliza married Samuel Long. His second wife, Rachel Troutman died in 1857. Margaret Long might have been the mother of Michael and Samuel Long. The Census shows children living with George Sr. and Margaret named Catherine,11(b1859); Lizzie,7 (b1863); Annie, 4(b1866), George Jr., 4 (b1866). Further research may show these children to be grandchildren of George Jr. and Margaret. Or, perhaps something happened to one of George Jr.'s daughters and he took in her children as well as her mother-in-law who kept house for him in exchange for him taking the grandchildren. The latter case is more probable.

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