Biography of William Ruppel

Who's Who in Pennsylvania
Edited by Lewis R. Hamersly; First Edition, 1904
Page 644

RUPPEL, William H.: Lawyer; born at Frostburg. Md., May 13, 1849. He was taken as an Infant to Wellersburg, Somerset County. Pa,, and was there educated in public and normal schools. He subsequently followed the profession of a teacher for a number of years, but finally took up the profession of the law, studied in the office of General Coffroth, and was admitted to the Somerset bar In 1872. He formed a partnership with Mr. Coffroth which has since continued. Mr. Ruppel served as a delegate to the Democratic State Convention that nominated Singerly for Governor. In 1881 he was named for President Judge, but declined to enter the contest. His practice has been extensive and has covered every field of the profession, he having been the working member of the firm. General Coffroth being largely absorbed in political matters. Address, Somerset, Pa.

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