Biography of Benjamin Franklin Meyers

Published by James T. White & Company, New York, 1894
Volume V, Page 480

MEYERS, Benjamin Franklin, was born near New Centreville, Somerset county, Pa., July 6, 1833. His ancestry were Germans, who settled in Lancaster county, Pa., before the revolutionary war, with the exception of one ancestor, who was a native of northern Ireland. His father, Michael D. Meyers, was a farmer, and the son lived on the farm until he was fifteen years of age. He was educated at an academy in Somerset, Pa., and at Jefferson college, Canonsburg, Pa.; studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1855. In 1857 he became editor of the Bedford (Pa.) "Gazette," with which he was connected until 1873. In 1868 he became editor-in-chief of the Harrisburg " Daily Patriot," in which capacity he continued until April, 1891. Later he was proprietor and editor of the Harrisburg "Star-Independent." He represented Bedford county in the legislature in 1864, and in 1870 went to congress. He was nominated for reelection in 1872, but went down in the general disaster which over took his party that year. Although his congressional district was largely republican in politics, Mr. Meyers was elected as a democrat. In 1874 he bacame state printer, his contract expiring in 1877. In 1875 he was elected president of the Pennsylvania editorial association, and re elected for the centennial year. In April, 1887, he was appointed postmaster at Harrisburg, and held office until May, 1892, when he was elected president of the Wilkesbarre and Wyoming valley traction company, of the Citizens' passenger railway company of Harrisburg and Steelton, and of the Riverton water company, and the South Harrisburg chain works. Although a busy man, he finds time for literary pursuits, aud writes more or leas every day for the public press. He has delivered many public addresses, and in presidential campaigns responds to his party's call for his services on the stump. At the celebration of "Columbus day" in Harrisburg in 1892, he was the orator of the day, amd his oration was praised by all who heard or read it. Mr. Meyers is a member of the Episcopal church, and warden of St. Stephen's church, Harrisburg. He was married in 1854 to Susan C. Koontz of Somerset, Pa.

NOTE: the following was found in --
at LEBANON, OCTOBER 12, 1892. Vol. III.
Published by THE SOCIETY. 1893.
Page 165

Benjamin Franklin Meyer's great-grandfather, John Schoff, emigrated from Geisselberg, Germany, prior to the American Revolution and settled in Somerset county, Pa.

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