The following is a listing of books, publications, periodicals that are worth reading. Note: not all are for sale, some are out of print.
Check online, libraries or your local FHC for copies.

County and Family History

  1. The Ancestors and Descendants of Herman and Catherine Lowry Ross --From James
    Ross in Bedford/Somerset Co in 1783 to the present generation
    by Mary Pyle Palmer, pub. 1997. Copies available through MPalmer595@aol.com
  2. Annals of Southwestern Pennsylvania, by Lewis Clark Walkinshaw, 4 volumes
  3. Beam German Reformed Church Records (now the Mt. Laurel United Church of
    Christ) by Mary Pyle Palmer  published in 1992. Copies available through MPalmer595@aol.com
  4. The Berkey Book, Second Edition, by Rev. Wm. A. Berkey and Ruth Berkey Reichley, 1996, 690 pages of genealogical data and 301 page index.
  5. Biographical Review, by Biographical Review Publishing Co., 1899, 345pp.
  6. Country Carpenter by Catherine Rhoads
  7. Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler, by Rev. Harvey Hostetler, D. D., 1913, 970 pp. and 220 page index
  8. Early Church Records of Berlin, transcribed by Dr. E.C. Saylor
  9. Early Families of Somerset and Fayette Counties, Pennsylvania, by Keith A. Dull, 1996, 120 pp.
  10. Early Somerset County, by Frederick Doyle, 1945, 60 pp.
  11. Exploring Bruederstahl, by Glessner and Shumaker, 1996, 60 pp. A travel guide to historic Berlin Village, Brothers Valley, Somerset County. Printed in conjunction with the Historical Society of Berlin.
  12. Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, by John W. Jordan, L.L.D., and James Haddon, 1912, 393 pp, 2 vols, illus., and index.
  13. George Long and Margaret Rebecca Keefer, Their Ancestors and Descendants by Margaret E. Adams. Cost is $40 including postage. Order from 7452 N. Meadow Lane, New Carlisle, IN 46552-9162.
  14. The Heffley Civil War Diaries published by the Berlin Historical Society
  15. History of Bedford and Somerset County, by William H. Welfley, 1906, 3 volumes, 1802pp.
  16. History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, by Waterman-Watkins and Co., 1884, 672pp.
  17. The History of the Jenners Township Baptist Church, Somerset, PA by Mary Pyle Palmer, pub. Boswell News, 1946. Copies available through MPalmer595@aol.com.
  18. Index to History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, by Floyd C. Hoenstine, 1967, 58pp.
  19. The Laurel Messenger (1971-1980),by The Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, Inc., 450 pages with index.
  20. The Laurel Messenger (1986-1990), by The Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, Inc.,300 pages with index.
  21. Lydia, Blacksmith's Daughter by E.M. Woelfel
  22. New Genealogy of the Somerset Co.. Walker Families. Jacob & Michael Walker,Wurttemberg Emigrants LCCN 97-60714 (Summary Report), Charles J. Walker or 310 5th Ave.. SE, Cedar Rapids IA 52401. Email inquiries responded to promptly.
  23. Seifertshauser to Somerset - Werner and Sass Families (1745-1995), by Paul Werner, 1996.
  24. Shade Township Revisited: Where Are Your Roots, by Leroy V. Baldwin, 2001. Send check or money order for $13.00 plus $2.00 s/h to: Gwen Baldwin, 1574 Sea Gull Dr., Titusville, Fla   32796.
  25. Somerset County Outline & Supplement, by John Cassady, Pub. 1932. Good Reference for Somerset County History and Genealogy. 376 pages.
  26. Stover Brethren, The Family of Elder William Stover of Antietam by Richard R. Weber, 2001. PREMIUM-quality hard cover, 702 pages 7" x 10" ACID-FREE paper, ILLUSTRATED, Over 13,000 individuals in nine generations, NOTES & REFERENCES, BIBIOGRAPHY, and complete personal name INDEX, PRICE $ 46.50 + $ 3.25 shipping & handling,TOTAL $ 49.75, Maryland residents please add sales tax of $2.33. Send check or money order to: Richard R. Weber, 10715 Moosberger Ct.
    Columbia, MD 21044
  27. Two Centuries of Brothers Valley, by Rev. H. Austin Cooper, 1962, 448 pp.
  28. Two Hundred Years in Shade Township (1762-1962), by N. Leroy Baldwin, 1964, 150 pp. **Updated** See Shade Township Revisited - above


Pennsylvania - Catholics

  1. Catholic Trails West, The Founding Catholic Families of Pennsylvania Vo 1, Vol 2 Adams, E Original: 1989 My Latest: 1989 Pub: GPC

Pennsylvania - Census

  1. 1790 Census for Pennsylvania: Heads of Families at the First Census of United Stakes Taken in the Year 1790 Original: 1908 My Latest: 1991 Pub: Government Printing Office

Pennsylvania - Church

  1. Pennsylvania German Church Records: From the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses, Vol 1, V2, V3 Yoder, D Original: 1983 My Latest: 1983 Pub: GPC

Pennsylvania - Colonial

  1. Index to Pennsylvania's Colonial Records Series Dunn, M Original: 1992 My Latest: 1996 Pub: GPC

Pennsylvania - Guides

  1. Pennsylvania Line: A Research Guide to PA Genealogy and LocalHistory SWPGS Original: 1990 My Latest: 1990 Pub: SWPGS

Pennsylvania - Emigrants

  1. Collection of Upward of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in PA 1727-1776 Rupp, I D Original: 1876 My Latest: 1985 Pub: GPC
  2. Emigrants to Pennsylvania. 1641-1819; A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from the PA Magazine of History... Teepper, M Original: 1975 My Latest: 1992 Pub: GPC

Pennsylvania - Land

  1. Pennsylvania Land Records: A History and Guide for Research Munger, D B Original: 1991 My Latest: 1993 Pub: Scholarly Resources Inc

Pennsylvania - Marriage

  1. Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania: Records of Rev John Casper Stoever 1730-1779 Bentley, E P Original: 1988 My Latest: 1988 Pub: GPC
  2. PA Marriages Prior to 1790: Names of Peersons for whom Marriage Licenses were issued in the Province of PA Linn & Egle Original: 1890 My Latest: 1994 Pub: GPC
  3. Pennsylvania German Marriages: Marriages and Marriage Evidence in Pennsylvania German Churches Irish, D R Original: 1982 My Latest: 1984 Pub: GPC
  4. Record of Pennsylvania Marriages: Prior to 1810, Vol 1 & 2 Original: 1987 My Latest: 1987 Pub: GPC

Pennsylvania - Military

  1. Pennsylvania Militia in 1777, The Roach, H B Original: 1964 My Latest: 1964 Pub: PA Genea. Magazine
  2. These Honored Dead: The Union Casualties at Gettysburg Busey, J W Original: 1988 My Latest: 1988 Pub: Longstreet House

Pennsylvania - Newspapers

  1. Genealogical Data from the Pennsylvania Chronicle 1767-1774 Scott, K Original: 1988 My Latest: 1988 Pub: National Genealogical Society

Pennsylvania - Oaths of Allegience

  1. Names of Persons Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania Between 1776 and 1794 [P.A. 2nd Series] Linn, B J & Egle, W H Original: 1890 My Latest: 1995 Pub: Family Line

Pennsylvania - Revloutionary War

  1. Pennsylvania-German in thee Revolutionary War 1773-1783 Richards, H M M Original: 1908 My Latest: 1991 Pub: GPC

Pennsylvania - South Central

  1. Abstracts of South Central Pennsylvania Newspapers: Vol 1 1785-1790 Vol 2 1791-1795 Vol 3 1796-1800 Wright, F E Original: My Latest: Pub: Family Lines Pub

Pennsylvania - Swiss

  1. German and Swiss Settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania, The: A Study of the So-Called Pennsylvania Dutch Kuhns, O Original: 1901 My Latest: 1989 Pub: Heritage Books

Pennsylvania - Vital Records

  1. Record Book of Daniel Schumacher, 1754-1773 Weiser, F S Original: 1994 My Latest: 1994 Pub: Picton Press

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