Addison Township

Welcome to Addison Township! If you have interest in this township and would like to help us add resources for this township, please email. We are currently seeking photographs, history, maps, and other personal information to post online. We also need transcribers to help finish the US Census schedules for this township.

General Information

Addison Township is one of the southern most townships in Somerset County. It is bordered by Upper Turkeyfoot, Lower Turkeyfoot and Black Townships to the north, Elk Lick Township to the east, Fayette county to the west and the Maryland State border to the south. The Township was settled in 1764, and incorporated in 1800. It was formed from Turkeyfoot Township, one of the original townships in Somerset County.

The major municipality is the the Borough of Addison. Addison borough has a total of 212 people and the township has a total of 946 people. The chief occupations of the area are agriculture, logging, recreation and stone quarrying. Many of the farms in the township have been growing the same crop by the same families for many generations.

Genealogical Resources

Archives and Associations

Old Petersburg/Addison Historical Society
Attention: Sarah Bartlett
PO Box 82
Addison, PA 15411
Telephone: 814-395-3469


The following biographies have been contributed by users to this website. If you have any biographies of early Addison township citizens, please consider contributing it to this website!


The following cemetery records have been transcribed by users to this website.
If you can help us by transcribing the remaining cemeteries for Addison, please contact us.

See also The History and Establishment of the Newbury Cemetery for more information on this cemetery (no names and dates). History provided courtesy of L. L. Duckworth and the Addison Historical Society.

Census Schedules

The following census records have been transcribed by users to this website. We still need assistance with transcribing the census records for this township. If you are interested in helping us with this project, please contact April Phillips (email-addr below)

Church History

Cities and Towns


Newbury Cemetery Restoration  (Click to see photos)

The old Petersburg/Addison Historical Society are in the process of "Repairing, Restoring and Straightening" up all the Tombstones in the Newbury Cemetery. I know that there are a lot of families that have families in the Cemetery and may want to help us complete this restoration. We also located the foundation of the "Old School House or the Old Church" that was located at the site. We are at present working and researching more on this.

We have decided to continue the work as long as we borrow funds from friends to buy materials, which are "expensive" to repair the markers. For example the epoxy that is used cost $120.00 and it is enough to fix about 10 markers. We have borrowed over $1800.00 so far and that is about of what we will need. I know there are descendants of some of these families that would help if they knew we were proceeding with the work.

If there were anyone who can help with the expensive material it would be appreciated. All labor so far has been volunteers and we also had help from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections from Somerset County Prison. They furnished the help to dig and straighten up the markers and we bought screened "Topsoil" hauled in to level some of the graves. I cannot express all the help that the "Prisoners" done for us, they were all hard workers and a great group to work with.

We have an account for the Newbury Cemetery so the donations will be used for that purpose only:

The Old Petersburg/Addison Historical Society
P. O. Box 82
Addison, Pennsylvania 15411

At the bottom write "Newbury Cemetery Fund"


Read Milemarker, a newsletter by the Old Petersburg-Addison Historical Society


Linda Marker has created a Map of this township.
Ed McClelland has created very detailed USGS Survey Maps of the township as well.


If you have photos of Addison Township or of family members who lived in the township, please consider donating them to our site.

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