About Carol Hepburn (previous Somerset County PAGenWeb Coordinator)

Hello! My name is Carol Hepburn and I was the webmaster for this web site for about 10 years. A lot of people ask about me so I decided to write a page to introduce myself. I have been researching my family history since 1995 (I am really a newbie when it comes to genealogy). I created this website in 1996, on a whim and without any knowledg of html and the internet. It has been an exciting and interesting journey -- thanks in part to the generous spirit of researchers from this county.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband, David, and our son, DJ. We have three cats - Samantha, Peanut, and Zachary (Sam is a brown tabby - she looks like a racoon and the others are brown burmese). DJ is in third grade and loves computers, baseball, dinosaurs, and anything that moves very fast!

I work along side my husband of almost 19 years in our Advertising and Marketing business. We sell promotional products as well as design websites and manage golf tournaments here in Arizona. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful husband -- we get along great (not many couples can work together) so we know that we have a very special and unique friendship/relationship!

We attend Scottsdale Bible Church and I volunteer as Awana Sparks Co-Commander with my good friend, Kris Caylor. We coordinate our program and teach about 150 five-eight year olds each week (thankfully we also have about 50 parent helpers, leaders and junior leaders who help us)! I am also a general member of the Paradise Valley Women's Club (General Federation of Woman's Clubs) and am serving as recording secretary for our club. We raise money to help support local charities, schools, and libraries in our community. Other hobbies besides genealogy include: decorating, painting, crocheting, and computers, of course.

I am very fortunate to have my parents and parents-in-law live within 10 miles of our home. I love the fact that I can spend time with my parents (both sets) and that my son gets to have quality and quantity time with his grandparents. We have a very close-knit extended family as well and keep in touch through cards, letters, and email.

My three brothers live in California. My eldest brother Tom, and his family (wife, Terri and kids: Becky, Tim, Emma and Jesse) live in Southern California. My brother, David and his family (wife Joan and son Josh) live in Northern California. My brother Brian and his wife, Marie, live near Santa Barbara. My husband's sister, Lois and her family (hubby Bryan and kids: Emily, Brianna and Sam) live in Liberty, Missouri. We are able to spend time with each other throughout the year and it is a wonderful blessing to be able to enjoy spending time together.

My Goal for this Site

My original goal was to create a very simple web site that would help researchers learn more about Somerset County. Since I live so far from the county, I just knew that other people would welcome a web site where they could get important information without having to make a phone call or write a letter. Never did I imagine that the web site would become so large and that we would develop a network of volunteers who donate hours of time and talent transcribing documents!

Just a GREAT BIG NOTE OF THANKS! This web site would be nothing without the efforts of the Somerset County web site team -- a group of about 20 volunteers who have spent several years working tirelessly on one project or another. Many host township pages, others just transcribe records. A few help me keep the core pages up to date. Honestly, without these folks, there would be no way for one person to manage such a large web site. Please make sure to let the volunteers and providers know how much you appreciate their efforts!

Some of our Goals for 2003 include:

  • Finishing the census schedules -- we are very close but need more helpers!
  • Finishing the WPA Cemetery files -- this is the first project we started back in 1999 and we are very close to having all the WPA transcribed cemeteries online!
  • Adding the entire portion on Somerset county from the History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, by Blackburn and Welfley, 1906.
  • Recruiting volunteers to help develop our remaining township pages -- some are really in need of TLC!

Family or County Questions

The best place to inquire about general county information (where is such and such place) is on our email list: SOMGEN-L@rootsweb.com This list has been going strong since 1998 and has about 500 listmembers. Please join the list, it is free, and you can ask specific county questions here. You may also post your surnames and your search road blocks (we love to hear how you are stuck -- it helps us to feel that we are not alone!). You are more than welcome to email me directly but keep in mind that I am not from Somerset (born in Maryland and have lived all over the US). I know a little about the county (general stuff) -- but no where near the amount of first-hand knowledge (details directions and the like) that many of our listmembers posess! Please consider joining the email list -- it is well worth the effort!

You may also wish to visit my own web site where my genealogy is online. Not all of it is current and again, most of my data is from others and it does contain errors. Laurel Highlands Genealogy has a search engine so you can search for popular county names and places!

Best wishes and good luck in your research!

Carol Hepburn (previous Somerset County PAGenWeb Coordinator)
Phoenix, Arizona

"Warm and Sunny, as usual!"