Thomas Ward

Thomas W. Ward, born in Frackville, Pa., but raised in Boston Run, Mahanoy Township, Pa. Served with the U.S. Occupation Forces assigned as part of the 78th Nagano Military Teams which reported to General Douglas MacArthur.

It was the job of the 26 soldiers and three officers in his unit to govern Nagano, Japan. Their first mission was to collect and destroy all weapons in the city. The Japanese were forced to surrender all of their pistols, rifles and swords to the American soldiers. Many of the items weren't weapons but family heirlooms.

Thomas missed coming home from Japan aboard on the USS Mahanoy City
(la Liberty troop ship) by one ship!

The photo is of Thomas just after his enlistment in 1944.

Thanks, Uncle Tom, for serving your country and keeping us free.
your niece,