Thomas Jefferson TOBIAS home and store

Thomas Jefferson TOBIAS home and store -

Labeled "Donaldson, PA, boyhood home of Dr. H. W. Tobias." Date of photo unknown. This is believed to be the same building described in The History of Schuylkill County, PA written by W. W. Munsell in 1881. On page 218 Munsell writes that in Frailey Twsp: "John HARRY erected a two-story stone building, forty feet square, which was occupied by Thomas J. TOBIAS as a store and dwelling." The building is on Centre St.

Tobias, Thomas J. 43 merchant. Centre St. Elizabeth L., Corinne W., Floyd W., Mary W., Harry W. 11.

The people in this photo have not been identified, but the four young ladies standing behind the wrought-iron fence are very likely the daughters of Thomas Jefferson Tobias. It is possible that the man standing in the doorway is T. J. Tobias.

There is a sign above the front steps - a simple shingle with lettering that is difficult to read in the photograph. With the aid of a magnifying glass one can read the name "T J TOBIAS" and below it the words "DEALER IN" which are in the largest lettering in the center of the sign. There appears to be more lettering on both ends of this sign, but it is impossible to read in the photograph. A smaller sign is suspended from the larger one.

(Photo is owned by Thomas Jefferson Cobb, great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson Tobias.)

According to Mr. Ray Kimmel, life-long resident of Donaldson, this building is still standing, but has been extensively renovated.

Contributed by: Trish Worthington Cobb