Memory Lane

Places of Long Ago

Time Passes
 by Charles K. Aked (UK) 
written October 7, 1992 

O. time thou streamest on 
And only by thy grace allow 
All things to come to pass. 
Naught changes thee and yet, 
In all eternity so little 
Of thee is given onto us. 
Why then must we waste so much 
Upon those things that even we 
Cannot envisage due reward, 
Nor pleasure in the doing; 
Careless as we throw away
 Treasure trove without a care. 
Once I was young, not long ago, 
Or so it seems, 
yet the road I journeyed on now seems veiled; 
Wrapt in mystery, 
dark shadows Tendril-like creep silently 
To dim the scenes of yesterday. 
And approaching journey's end 
 doubts assail the questing mind, 
What excuses shall we give If any, 
or just mutely stand Knowing failure was our lot, 
Although in honesty we tried. 
Amidst all the hours of thought, 
Does not even one slight thread 
Lead to a small gleam of truth? 
Why no revealing miracle, 
Some indication, some reason, 
To lead us to the quite unknown. 
Alas our words are not enough, 
To sculpt our thoughts or frame 
Reason in a haloed gilt surround; 
We need visions to stir those 
Thoughts we know are there, 
Could we but find their hiding place. 

Source: NAWCC Bulletin, August 1998, 
Volume 40/4 Number 315, Page 498 

St. Aiden's Church by Jim Jones
We moved next door to St. Aiden's Church
Wayne Township Schools by CF