Report of the Department of Mines of Pennsylvania, Part 1 -- Anthracite, 1915

Harrisburg, PA:  Wm. Stanley Ray, State Publisher, 1916


Mahanoy City, PA., February 18, 1916

Hon. James E. Roderick, Chief of Department of Mines:

Sir:  I have the honor of transmitting herewith my annual report as Inspector of Mines for the Twelfth Anthracite District, for the year ending December 21, 1915.

Respectfully submitted,

P. C. FENTON, Inspector

Table 4. -- Fatal accidents inside and outside of mines (page 359)
Date....... Name of Person............. Nationality Occupation Age Married

or Single

Number of



of Orphans

Name of


County Nature and Cause of Accident in Brief..................................................
Jan. 30  Andrew Serano Slavonian Timberman 32 M. 1 5 Mahanoy City Schuylkill Instantly killed by fall of coal while placing car on track in main gangway.
March 19 Anthony Kochanavich Lithuanian Miner 55 M. 1 7 Tunnel Ridge " Fatally injured by explosion of gas at face of breast caused by an outburst of gas in gangway.  Died April 6.
March 23   George Shubite Greek Driver 23 S. -- -- Maple Hill " Fatally injured by falling under mine car on main gangway. Died March 25.
June 9     Stiney Krancofskey Polish Miner 30 M. 1 -- Saint Nicholas " Instantly killed by falling down traveling road while handling timber.
Aug. 10 William Yatsco Polish Miner 51 M. 1 -- Ellangowan " Internally injured by fall of rock at face of breast.. Died August 16.

Aug. 13 John Kutchshick Polish Laborer 27 S. -- -- Suffolk " Instantly killed by fall of rock at face of gangway while preparing for a blast.
Sept. 21 William B. Jones Welsh Assistant mine foreman 54 M. 1 -- Maple Hill " Instantly killed by fall of coal at face of gangway while instructing the miners how to secure the place.
Oct. 11   Andrew Stanick Austrian Laborer 25 M. 1 -- Park Place " Fatally injured by a piece of coal that rolled down and struck him on the head at face of slope. Died on the way to the hospital.
Nov. 29 Mike Marchavage Lithuanian Miner 55 M. 1 7 Park Place " Fatally injured by falling down chute in getting away from blast.  Died December 2.
Dec. 3 Henry Kellman German Miner 41 M. 1 6 North Mahanoy " Killed by fall of rock while robbing pillars on counter gangway.
Dec. 11 Charles Oditus Lithuanian Miner 37 M. 1 6 Ellangowan " Killed by fall of slate at face of breast.