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These are the changes that have been added, modified, deleted, etc.

February 2009:  Excerpt from the Proceedings of the 40th Annual Session of the Perry County Teachers' Institute; 1889 (contains names of schools, teachers and various students).

July 2008:  Expenses & Repairs for Jail, 1882; Tax Collectors, 1883 (listing of); various items from the Perry Co. Democrat, dated 02/14/1883; 5/02/1883;  5/09/1883; various estate notices from local newspapers; Newspaper tidbits pertaining to Perry Co. schools; Marriage & Death announcements.

March 2008:  Data for the Soldiers Orphans Schools (Tressler); 1888, 1890, 1892.  Inscriptions for some of the burials at Little Cemetery (Carroll Twp.); selected entries for 1842 tax assessments for Toboyne & Madison twps.  Selected entries for the 1820 & 1822  & 1828/29 & 1835 tax assessments, various townships.  Various twps., pauper children listings. 1798 Windowpane tax for Toboyne twp., selected entries.  Newspaper articles pertaining to Beliefs, Superstitions & Witch-Craft.
Picture of the Gilfillen School, Greenwood Twp., c1914.

August 2007:  Data for the Soldiers Orphans Schools/Homes; Dog Registers for Perry County.

March 2007:  Added more links to the Resources-General sections such as:  Misc. Genealogy sites; Cemetery-Deaths-Gravestones; Cooking; Disasters; Genealogy Forms & Supplies; Gold Rush; Immigration; Lands Records; Magazines, Newsletters, Newspapers & More; Maps & Atlases; Military; and Photography & Preservation.
Also added more links to the Resources-Pennsylvania page; including links for researching your Pennsylvania German ancestors.

February 2007:  Added the 2007 schedule for the days the Perry Historians/Lenig Library is to be open!

January 2007:  Happy New Year!!!
Information on the Conestoga Wagon; a bit of cleaning up here and there.  Soldiers Orphan Schools data.  Newspaper articles relating to Blain Borough.

December, 2006:  Uploaded a postcard (dated 12/1905) with a photo of the County Jail.  Added information from a booklet titled, "List of Members of the Landisburg Charge", from Barbara Rivas.

November, 2006:  Added pictures, taken by the Linda Sweger & Robert Job, for the following covered bridges:  Adairs; Bistline; Book's; Clay's; Dellville; and Enslow.  More to follow.  These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!
(Happy Thanksgiving!!)  Added-- Fleisher's; Kochenderfer's; Liverpool/Red; Little Buffalo; Mt. Pleasant; New Germantown; Rice's; Saville and Waggoner's.
Added some more bits of information regarding some of the early newspapers of Perry County.
Added from the book, History of Perry County, In Pennsylvania, from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, Silas Wright; Section III, Education, Chapter I-- School History up to 1854; and Appendix.
Section on Perry Co. Mills and various milling information.
Added 2 links:  Bits of Blue & Gray, An American Civil War Notebook and Richmond Daily Dispatch.  Click on "Military", then "Civil War" then Links...

October, 2006:  Added more information regarding the Soldiers' Orphan Schools in Perry Co.

August, 2006:  Added some information regarding the Soldier Orphans Schools; Andersonburg; some information on the Loysville Orphans Home and on Tressler Orphans Home.  I've been copying various pages from the SOS Annual Reports of the Superintendent, pertaining to the Perry Co. SOS, hopefully, as time permits, I'll get these put onto the website.
Also added a manuscript written by Margie Becker about the Early & Later Schools of Perry County; along with a description of the wonderful books she has compiled, A Scrapbook of Schoolhouses in Perry County.

January, 2006:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Perry Historians 2006 Scheduled Openings; 
Various pix located under "Photographs" taken by me in 1994, mostly Jackson Twp. area-- I am not a photographer of any great means!!

December, 2005:  NEWS FLASH. 1852 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS SOLVE GENEALOGICAL MYSTERIES; continued adding info. on the Academies, Soldiers' Oprhans' Schools, etc..; Listing of County newspapers over the years; 

November, 2005:  Academies & Public Institutions (History of Perry Co., H. H. Hain); various info. on the Soldiers Orphan Schools; Various information from the Almshouse registers from 1887-1893, & 1895, incomplete; Various information pertaining to the Jail House; Listing of Creeks, Rivers & Runs (1907);  Link to the non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life of the Shermans Creek area- "Shermans Creek Conservation Assoc., Inc.".

Nothing lately-- hopefully real soon

October, 2004:  Great link to see aerial photos of Perry Co.'s covered bridges.

May, 2004:  Listing of burials for Sheaffer's Valley Church of God Cemetery (kindly submitted by )

April 2004:  Listing of Cities, Boroughs & Villages in 1900; section on Buffalo Twp., Tyrone Twp., Toboyne Twp., Rye Twp., Tuscarora Twp., Penn Twp.

March 2004:  Under the section, Towns-Boros-Villages, added a section on Milford/Wila; Juniata Twp., Newport Boro., Blain Boro. (updated).  

February 2004:  Updated the "Scheduled Open" days for the Perry Historians Library.  Added GPS locations for many cemeteries.  Updated Cemetery listings page.

January 2004:  With the exception of Chapter 7 (Rev. John William Heim), the book, Churches Between the Mountains, has been completely transcribed and uploaded to the website.

October/November 2003:  added various Pauper Children listings from various township tax records, 1822, 1828, 1835.  Added the 2004 Schedule for the Perry Historians Library.  Added a listing of Perry Co. Church Records that are available at the Perry Historians Library.  1890 Military Rolls for various twps.

August 2003:  added various marriage announcements that appeared in Perry Co. newspapers, 1820-1870, surnames beginning with A, H & K.  Added misc. newspaper articles pertaining to CW soldiers from Perry Co.; Picture of the Rice Covered Bridge; added various death notices that appeared in Perry Co. newspapers, 1820-1870, surnames beginning with A, H & K, to date.

March-July 2003:  Still working on transcribing the book, Churches Between the Mountains; approximately 2/3 completed

Feb. 2003:  Added 1785 Transcript of Taxables, Tyrone & Toboyne Twps.; began the transcription of the book, Churches Between the Mountains (Rev. D.H. Focht); 

Jan. 2003- Added listing of Communicants & Confirmations for the Lebanon Church (Loysville); Mt. Zion E/L Church and St. Peter's Church-- extracted from the book, Churches Between the Mountains.
Added various listings found in cemeteries:  New Bloomfield; Mannsville; St. Paul's & Newport.
Added the residents of the County Poorhouse listed in the 1880 census.

Oct. 2002- Added Warrantees of Land; 1821-1892: abstracted from the PA Archives; Vol. XXV; 3rd Series; Surnames A-N.  

10 Aug 2002- Added descriptions for the boroughs of Blain & Duncannon & Landisburg; follow the Borough link under the section "Towns, Boroughs, Valley's & Villages".

07 July 2002- Added a link to view some beautiful photo's of Poorman's Spring; the link is located under the section "Towns, Boroughs, Valley's & Villages".  

7 July 2002- Added information regarding the Valley's of Perry Co. (in the Towns, Boroughs, Valley's and Villages section).

6 July 2002- Added Register of Births; surnames beginning with "A"

4 July 2002-  Added section on Indian Inhabitants
4 July 2002- Added Surname Listings section

29 June 2002- Added Muster roll of Perry Co. volunteers; Mexican War (from the book, History of Perry County in Pennsylvania.. (Silas Wright; 1873).

29 June 2002- Added Chapter II; Formation of Perry county- from the book History of Perry County in Pennsylvania.. (Silas Wright; 1873).

24 June 2002- Added Chapter I; Indians & First Settlers- from the book History of Perry County In Pennsylvania.. (Silas Wright; 1873).

1 May 2002- Updated the Reunions page.

13 April 2002-  Added section re:  Churches; History of various (early) churches in Perry Co.  

09 April 2002- Added section re-- County Home (Poor House); including a description, stewards and inmates of 1850, 1860 & 1870

21 Feb. 2002- Added Historical Markers section-- read about the historical markers that have been placed in Perry County.

31 Jan. 2002-  Added to the Covered Bridge section-- a link to a website that contains some great photos of covered bridges in Perry Co.  Updated the Perry Historians Library; 2002 Schedule.

15 Jan. 2002:  Added to the Cemetery section-- Oak Grove Church of God Cemetery; inscriptions.

3 Dec. 2001:  Added category of "Towns, Boroughs & Villages"; including links to view information about the place known as, Henry's Valley.  

12 Oct 2001:  Added inscriptions from a burial plot once located on the farm of Lawrence Kumler; Buffalo Twp.

20 Jul 2001:  Completed the burial listings for St. Michael's Churchyard;

19 July 2001:  Added Pennsylvania Bric-A-Brac page with various PA info.

19 July 2001:  Added a Township Map.

16 July 2001:  The REUNIONS portion of the site was updated!!

04 July 2001:  This site was completely revised; incl. changes to Message Boards.

23 Apr 2001: An error was found in the code for several links. Example the Bible Records link code was http:\\ vs http:// which effected one user but did not cause errors for other users. Thanks to Barbara for reporting the problem and Bill Klauk [Erie County Coordinator] for his help in locating the problem.



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