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Perry County itself is part of two beautiful valleys, the Susquehanna and Juniata.  It also contains many beautiful valleys within its own boundaries.  

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Back Hollow:  Located in Toboyne Twp., referred to as "the valley without a name."

Big Buffalo Valley:  A local name, referring to the territory between Hominy Ridge and Middle Ridge.

Buck's Valley:  Originally known as "Brush Valley"; located between Berry Mountain and Half Fall Mountain, Buffalo Twp., extending thru Howe to Newport on the Juniata River.  The eastern end joins the Susquehanna River.  

Buckwheat Valley:  Located between Raccoon Ridge and Hominy Ridge; extending west from the Juniata to Eschol.

Buffalo Valley:  In the early provincial papers, this is the name given to the territory drained by Buffalo Creek, which rises in Liberty Valley, Madison Twp., and flows into the Juniata, above Newport.

Fishing Creek Valley:  Comprises most of Rye Twp. and lies between the Blue Mountain and Cove Mountain.

Fishing Rod Valley:  Per an old map, this valley is located in Liverpool Twp., south of the wooded ridge, separating it from Susquehanna Twp. in Juniata County.

Green's Valley:  Located in Tyrone Twp., in a small cove formed by a fold of the Blue Mountain.

Henry's Valley:  Located in Toboyne and Jackson Twps., between Boyer's Mountain and the Kittatinny (Blue) Mountain.  It is over 10 miles long and merges into Sheaffer's Valley. It's named after an early settler, John Henry, who moved to Ohio.

History of Henry's Valley:  Click on the link to learn the history.

Photo's of Henry's Valley:  Click on the link to view some photo's of the area and some people who lived here.

Genealogy of the HENRY Family:  Click on the link to view the HENRY Family Genealogy.

Horse Valley:  Lies between the Tuscarora and Conococheague Mountains, within the boundaries of Toboyne and Jackson Townships.  The valley received it's name because of the farmers of Path Valley, Franklin Co., of which it is an extension, used it as a pasture for their horses, before it was settled.  It was also known, at one time, as McSwine's Valley.

Hunter's Valley:  Is a cove formed by the Buffalo and Berry Mountain joining at the west, lying between the two, and totally within Buffalo Twp.  It received it's name because of the many persons whose surname was 'Hunter' who resided here; James Hunter being the first.  

Juniata Valley:  The valley is drained by the Juniata River, extending from the Allegheny Mountains to Duncannon, where the Juniata flows into the Susquehanna River.  

Kennedy's Valley:  Located in Tyrone Twp., in the cove formed by the folds of the Kittatinny (Blue) Mountain, the broad part lying close to Landisburg.  Named after the early Kennedy settlers.

Liberty Valley: Lies east of the watershed which runs from the Conococheague to the Tuscarora Mountain, and between these mountains in Madison Twp.

Limestone Valley: Located between Limestone Ridge and Mahanoy Ridge, starting east of New Bloomfield and running west until it merges into Sherman's Valley near Green Park.

Little Buffalo Valley:  Located between Middle Ridge and Buffalo Ridge, aka Furnace Hills.

Little Illinois Valley:  A small valley located in Toboyne Twp.  On the north it's bounded by Rising Mountain and Buck Ridge.  On the south is Amberson Ridge and Schultz Ridge.  It's about 7 miles long and a mile wide.  The western end of the valley is aka- Fowler Hollow.

Mahanoy Valley:  Located in Miller Twp., between Mahanoy Ridge and Dick's Hill.

Perry Valley: aka- Wildcat Valley.  Located in Greenwood and Liverpool Twps., between Wildcat Ridge and Buffalo Mountain.

Pfoutz Valley:  Extends from the Juniata River to the Susquehanna River; lying between Wildcat Ridge and Turkey Hills (Juniata Co. line).  One of the first areas settled after the Land Office opened.

Pleasant Valley:  Located south of Mannsville, between Furnace Hills and Limestone Ridge.

Raccoon Valley:  Lying between the Tuscarora Mountain and Raccoon Ridge in Tuscarora Twp.;  aka- Tuscarora Valley. 

Sandy Hollow:  Located in Carroll Twp., a continuation of Sherman's Valley.

Sheaffer's Valley:  Located in Madison and Tyrone Twps., between Bower's Mountain and the Kittatinny (Blue) Moutain.  It's a continuation of Henry's Valley.  Named after the many Sheaffer families who resided in this valley.

Sherman's Valley:  Extends from west of New Gemantown to Duncannon.  By 1750, both the creek and valley where referred to as 'Sherman's'.  Unable to substantiate how the valley and creek received there names.  

Susquehanna Valley:  Long, broad drainage area of the Susquehanna River, extending from within New York State, through Pennsylvania to Maryland.  The greater part of Perry County being drained into the Susquehanna via Sherman's Creek.  

The above information was obtained from the book:

History of Perry County, Pennsylvania; H. H. Hain; Harrisburg; 1922; Hain-Moore Company, Publishers



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