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The following information was abstracted from the book, PENNSYLVANIA LINE, A Research Guide to Pennsylvania Genealogy and Local History; 4th edition; Iscrupe; Southwest Pennsylvania Genealogical Svcs., 1990.

"Names printed in upright Roman characters are post office towns; those in italics are not.  Numerals which follow a town's name indicate:  "1" a railroad station; "2" a telegraph station; and "3" an express office.  For the convenience of researchers all boroughs are listed as part of the township in which they are physically located."

Key: Name; Township



Acker Howe
Alinda Spring
Andersonburg, 1, 2, 3 Madison
Aqueduct Station, 1 Wheatfield
Baileyburg Miller
Bailey Station Miller
Berlee Liverpool
Bixler Madison
Blain Boro, 1, 3 Jackson
Bloomfiled Boro, 2, 3 Centre
Bloomfield Junction, 1 Centre
Bridgeport Spring
Buffalo Bridge Station, 1 Oliver
Center, 3 Madison
Cisna Run, 1, 3 Madison
Clark Run Station, 1 Jackson
Cove, 1, 3 Penn
Cove Forge Station, 1 Penn
Dellville Wheatfield
Donnally Mills Tuscarora
Dromgold Carroll
Duncannon Boro, 1, 2, 3 Penn
Dunn Spring
Elliotburg, 1, 3 Spring
Eschol Saville
Falling Springs Spring
Ferguson Centre
Fort Robinson Station, 1 Madison
Green Park, 1, 3 Tyrone
Grier Point Rye
Hench Madison
Hoffman Station, 1 Centre
Horse Valley Toboyne
Iroquois Station, 1 Miller
Juniata Juniata
Juniata Bridge Station, 1 Penn
Juniata Furnace Station, 1 Centre
Keystone Rye
King Mill Station, 1 Penn
Kistler Madison
Landisburg Boro, 1, 3 Tyrone
Lebo Spring
Liverpool Boro, 1 Liverpool
Logania, 2, 3 Wheatfield
Losh Run Station, 1 Miller
Loysville, 1, 3 Tyrone
Mannville Centre
Markelville Juniata
Marsh Run Tuscarora
Marysville Boro, 1, 2, 3 Rye
Millerstown Boro, 1, 2, 3 Greenwood
Montebello Station, 1 Wheatfield
Montgomery Ferry Buffalo
Montour Junc. Station, 1 Tyrone
Nekoda Greenwood
New Bloomfield, 1, 2, 3 Centre
New Buffalo Boro Watts
New Germantown, 1, 3 Toboyne
Newport Boro, 1, 2, 3 Oliver
Perdix Station, 1 Penn
Pfouts Valley Liverpool
Roddy Station, 1 Wheatfield
Roseburg Saville
Rose Glen Wheatfield
Royer Station, 1 Centre
Sandy Hill Madison
Saville Saville
Scyoc Toboyne
Shermandale Carroll
Sterrett Gap Carroll
Sulphur Springs Station, 1 Penn
Sylvan Station, 1 Centre
Toboyne Jackson
Tressler Station, 1 Centre
Wahnita Station, 1 Centre
Walsingham Madison
Weaver Station, 1 Wheatfield




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