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Traveled 2,000 Miles to Steal Bible.

Frederick Bilger traveled from his home in Nebraska to Selinsgrove, this state, for no other purpose than to steal a Bible. The Bible weighs 44 pounds and has been a much contested heirloom for 130 years. Bilger called on his cousin, Wilson Herman, of Selinsgrove, and asked to have his picture taken with the valued book on his lap. Herman consented, but being suspicious and wise he went along to the photographers. Upon their return home Herman alighted from the buggy first and Bilger whipped up the horse and escaped, after dragging the unfortunate Herman several yards with his trousers fast on a wheel. A warrant was immediately taken out for Bilger's arrest but it is not probable that after going 2,000 miles for the Bible that he will allow himself to be taken.

Brookville Republican, December 1, 1910


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