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Annual Report of the Superintendent of the
Soldiers' Orphans, 1880




In presenting to you my annual report of the above-named home, I am constrained to acknowledge, with gratitude of soul, the great Author of all good, as the guardian of our school during the year.

"On return of the orphans, after spending the vacation with their friends, one year ago, several of the number brought the diphtheria with them. The consequence was, that notwithstanding all our efforts to prevent it spreading amongst the children, we had, during the month of September and the first week of October, not less than twenty-eight cases.  Out of this number, only one soldier's orphan and one church orphan died.  From the middle of October until the present time, we have had almost uninterrupted health.

"Our educational department has been kept up, as in former years, and is still on the increase.  Every effort is made, not only to develop the intellect and teach the children to think, but also to cultivate the habit of reading, in order that they may be conversant with the current events of the day. Our reading-room is still kept up, and the orphans are daily supplied with papers and periodicals, all designed to furnish them with the best of literature to engross their leisure hours.

"The morals of the children are still on the advance, and no labor is spared to impress the mind and heart with a sense of its high destiny, and fit it for an important position in life for the future.

"Our crops have been good the past year, and we have had an abundance of fruit and vegetables, and more than we could use.

"The children, as in the past, are still attending church regularly every Sabbath morning, in addition to which we have Sabbath school and Bible class in the afternoon, and prayer, in connection with reading and expounding the Holy Scriptures in the evening.

"We have an able, competent, and experienced corps of teachers, and the course of study is both extensive and thorough, which is shown to the satisfaction of all who attend our annual examinations.

"The children are well supplied with good and comfortable clothing, both for Sunday and everyday wear.

"The discipline of the school is parental.  Physical force has only been resorted to as a conscientious duty, when moral suasion and all other expedients have failed.  Our motto, as stated in our last annual report, is that a child must be taught to act from principle and right, and if he or she can be impressed with the truth that they are not only intelligent, but responsible creatures, and that they are forming characters for the future.  The cases are rare, indeed, where coercion of any kind is reported.


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