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According to the book, 
History of Perry County Pennsylvania; H. Hain; 1922


Through the influence of Martin Motzer and Alexander Blaine Anderson, during the fall of 1865, Dr. Thomas H. Burrowes, Superintendent of Soldiers' Orphans' Schools, visited Mr. Anderson's building in Madison Township, above Andersonburg.  It was a large brick building, then in use as an academy.  Dr. Burrowes' said of it:  'This is a beautiful location for a school; one of the best I have yet selected. This must certainly be a healthy locality.'  Mr. Motzer rented the building and took possession in the spring of 1866.  The first pupils arrived on September 20, 1866, and on October 16th the school opened with Prof. William H. Hall as principal.  Miss Laura J. Milligan followed in a short time as assistant teacher.  By the close of the second year the number of pupils had increased to 117, and another building, 35x50 feet, was erected.  On December 1, 1872, Prof. Hall became a joint owner, with Mr. Motzer, but retained the principalship.  On September 1, 1874, Prof. Hall purchased the interest of Mr. Motzer.  Other teachers were B. K. Hall, W. S. Hulslander, B. F. Hollenbaugh, and J. R. Runyan.  It was said that not a single complaint was made against this school to the state authorities, a fact which they noted in a history of the schools.  This school was located in the famous Sherman's Valley, facing Conococheague Mountain, a short distance east of Blain, surrounded by a territory that has an historical interest.  The main school building is now the property of W. Scott Moose, who occupies it.  The additional building stood until 1919, when it was torn down and the timbers, where were still in good condition, were used in St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Kistler."

The above information was extracted from the book:
Hain, H. H.: "History of Perry County Pennsylvania". "Academies & Public Institutions, The Orphan Schools."  Harrisburg: Hain-Moore Co, 1922. p. 350-351.


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