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Annual Report of the Superintendent of the
Soldiers' Orphans, 1877 


Account With The State Normal Schools.


Name of Pupil

Post Office of Pupil

Orphan School discharged from.

Normal School sent to.

Date of Entrance.

Date of Leaving.

No. of weeks in school.

Rate chg'd per week.

Total amount paid.

61 Mathews, Annie M. Glen Hope, Clearfield County Pa. Andersonburg Millersville April 2, 1877 July 19, 1877 16 3.00 48.00


Statement 1.-- Statistics of Orphan Schools and Homes.

Andersonburg; Perry County; W. H. Hall, principal

Orders Issued:  243
Number admitted on order:  187
Number transferred to:  18
Total number received into school:  38
Number discharged on age:  65
Number discharged on order:  16
Number died:  5
Males:  37
Females:  44
Total both sexes:  81

Statement VI.-- Showing Discharges and Deaths.

1.  Andersonburg

Number discharged on age for year ending May 31, 1877:  18

Number discharged on order for year ending May 31, 1877:  12

Number of deaths for year ending May 31, 1877:  (none reported)

Reports of the Inspectors.

Andersonburg-- W. H. Hall, Principal

There is nothing special to note concerning the working of the school, during the year.  The progress made in every department was quite satisfactory.  We therefore deem it unnecessary to lengthen this report by repeating what has been said in former reports, and will only say that the regular programme for the working of the schools has this year, as well as in the past, been strictly adhered to.

A List of "Sixteeners,"
In the Year Ending May 31, 1877.

Below will be found a list of the children who arrived at the age of sixteen during the past year, and were discharged.
There is no better way in which the system could exhibit its fruits.

Annie McCartney, with her mother, Harrisburg, Pa.
John Winrick, farming, in Huntingdon county ,Pa.
Mary Stanford, cook in institution.
Sylvester Decker, farming, Harrisonville, Pa.
Rufus Miller, attending school, New Paris, Pa.
Amelia Blottenberg.
James Taft.
Anson L. Bell, machinist, Altoona, Pa.
John S. Kephart, farming, Muncy, Pa.
George H. Jacobs, at home, Donnelly's Mills, Pa.
Samuel Stuart, Pittsburg, Pa.
Carrie Woodburn, mantuamaking, Altoona, Pa.
Mary A. Evans, with her mother.
Annie Martin, with her mother, Shermansdale, Pa.
Matilda E. Hartley, with her mother, Patterson, Pa.
Thomas W. Kinsloe, farming, Andersonburg, Pa.
Eddie Rupert, with his mother, Huntingdon, Pa.
Sallie Williams, with her mother, Willmore, Pa.
Edward Reed, New Bloomfield, Pa.


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