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Annual Report of the Superintendent of the
Soldiers' Orphans, 1872




The children, through the past year, have enjoyed remarkably good health; hence, all of them were nearly all the time able for their school room duties, and it gives me much pleasure to say that they have made commendable progress in their respective studies.  They and their teachers have worked well and cheerfully in the school rooms, and have entered upon the new year with a full determination to work still better, if possible, and accomplish still more than during the one just expired.
The out-door deportment of the children, with a very few exceptions, has been most praiseworthy; and as for good behavior in the school room, there has not been a single exception.
As heretofore, we have had regular preaching in the school room, the greater portion of the year twice a month, and since the first of April last once a week.  Ministers of the gospel of different denominations have been invited to visit the school and preach to the pupils.  We have also taken, by turns, a great many of the larger pupils out to the neighboring churches.  When the weather and roads were favorable, a great many of the larger boys and girls walked, sometimes three miles, to one church, and at other times one mile to another.  We have also taken from fifteen to twenty at the same time with us in the ambulance, spring wagon and buggies.
During the year just past twenty of our boys and girls have connected themselves wit churches of their own choice in the neighborhood--fourteen girls and six boys.  Eight of the number had not been baptized.
The Sunday school library now connected with the school, consists of over three hundred volumes, besides a large number of Sunday school papers &c.
The different kinds of work connected with a home, which our boys and girls can now do, shows that their education in that direction has by no means been neglected.


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