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Besides creating the wonderful and informative manuscript on the Early  & Later Schools in Perry County, Margie Becker has also compiled a series of books, A Scrapbook of Schoolhouses in Perry County.  Volumes I-IV have been published already and the remaining two volumes will hopefully be available soon.  Below is a summary of what you can find in these books.  If you would like to purchase any of these volumes, please contact the Perry Historians Library

Volume I
Greenwood Township-
St. Michaels; Hart's Mill; Brandt's; Gilfillen's; Reward; Beaver's; Wright's; Bonsall's; Casner's; Rope Ferry; Ferrell's; Mitchells Gap; Green Grove; Wardville and Juniata.

Liverpool Borough-
Log Schoolhouse; Pine Street; One Room and Frame; Locust Street; Liverpool High School.

Liverpool Township-
Township; Coutler's; Grubb's; Centerville; Dry Sawmill; Barner's; Whitmer's; Lebkicher's; and Oak Grove.

Millerstown Borough-
Grove Street; School on River; Edge of Millerstown; High Street; Juniata Valley Normal School; School Street; Greenwood High School and New Elementary School.

Tuscarora Township-
Narrow's School; Sugar Run; Oak Vale; Mt. Pleasant; Kerr's; Locust Grove; Black's; River; and Lyon's.

Volume II
Buffalo Township-
Baird's Schoolhouse; Buck's Schoolhouse; Center; Montgomery's Ferry; Mt. Patrick; Hunter's Log; Charles'; Hunter's; and Huggins'.

Howe Township-
Early Schools; Kumbler's; William Howe's; Patterson's; Kraft's; Abraham Howe's; Miller's; and Red Hill.

Miller Township-
Caroline Furnance; Bailey's; Watt's; Pine Grove; and Mahanoy.

Juniata Township-
Lower Ridge; Marklesville; Marklesville Academy; Milford; Oak Hall; Duane Academy; Center, Eight Square; Walnut Grove and Upper Ridge.

Low's; Reider's; Clouser's; The Barracks; Old Brick; Lower School; Old Fourth Street; Chinese Laundry; New Fourth Street; Fifth Street; Newport High School;Elementary Sixty St.; and Perry Christian Academy.

Volume III
Union Schoolhouse; Young's Church; High Street; Brick Schoolhouse; The Susquehanna Institute; The Duncannon Academy; Knights of Pythias Hall; Church and Frame Annex; and Duncannon High School.

New Buffalo Township-
Hill Cemetery; and New Buffalo

Watts Township-
McAlister's; Center; Livingston's; and Mountain School.

Wheatfield Township-
School at Young's Mill; Fio Forge; Cherry Grove; Montebello Furnace; Center; Fairview; Sulphur Springs; and Pennel's.

Rye Township-
Grier's Point; Keystone; Oak Grove; Glenvale; and Slate Hill.

Susquehanna; River Bank; Main Street; Lincoln Street; Maple Avenue and Sylvan Street-Marysville High School.

Penn Township-
The First Academy; Lower Duncannon Log; Lower Duncannon; Middle Cove; Lower Cove; Upper Cove; Michener's; Hickory Grove; Mt. Pleasant; Baskinsville Log; Baskinsville; Fritz Avenue; Penn Township; Susquenita High School; and Elementary School.

Volume IV-
Barnett's School; High Street School; White Schoolhouse; Two-Story High Street; New Bloomfield High School; Bloomfield Center Elementary; Perry Joint High School; West Perry Junior High; Capital Area Intermediate Unit; McPherson Kindergarten.

Centre Township-
Center School; Laurel Grove; Juniata Furnace; Airy View; Comp's; Jericho; Perry Furnace; Okefinoke; Markel's; Mannsville; Pine Grove and Teacher's Picnic.

Carroll Township-
Sutch's; Wolf's; Smiley's; Hair's; Shermandale; Airy View; McCaskey's; Pleasant Grove; Lackey's; Sandy Hollow; McCord's; Bernhill's; Kirkpatrick; Shortess'; Pine Hill; Huston's; Narrows; Fox Hollow; and Carroll Elementary.

Bloomfield Academy; Philomanthian Society; Carson Long Institute; and Camp Carson.

Volume V-
Reportedly will contain:  Spring Township; Saville Township; Ickesburg; Landisburg; Loysville; Tyrone Township and Tressler Orphan Home.

Volume VI-
Reportedly will contain:  Madison, Northeast and SouthWest; Jackson Township; Toboyne Township; Blain and New Germantown.


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