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ORRIS,STONE,SWAB - Perry Co. I am seeking info on my paternal grand-mother, Ruth Elizabeth (ORRIS) Stone. Any info on her or any of the other surnames would be greatlyappreciated. Ruth Elizabeth (ORRIS) STONE B 16 Sept 1902 D 3 July 1985 Mother Florence Mae (STONE) ORRIS Father Rufus Scott ORRIS Married Charles STONE Florence Mae (STONE) ORRIS B 14 Aug 1882 (?) D 24 Nov 1970 Mother Julia Elizabeth (SWAB) STONE Father William STONE Rufus Scott ORRIS B Dec 1875 (?) D ?? Mother Amanda J. ?? Father Robert C. ORRIS Charlotte Claypool Charlotte Claypool Tue, 5 Dec 2000 13:24:43

DIRLING/DURLING, SALTZMAN - Perry Co. I am researching the Dirling/Durling family and would like to exchange information with anyone that has information about this family when they were living in Perry Co. Most of my Dirling's are from Westmoreland Co., but one source indicates that David Dirling was born in Perry Co. If this David is the same as the one I have he was born on April 24, 1800 and married Hannah Saltzman, then moved to Posey Co., IN. Any help is greatly apprecitated and I am willing to return to you what information I have. Thanks, Charlie Kron Charlie Kron Mon, 27 Nov 2000 00:18:48 

HUSS - Perry Co. Seeking information on John Huss, naturalized in 1798. May have had a son named Ed. Was a farmer in Perry County. Ed, according to my informationmarried a woman named Sarah, born 1811. John came from Bavaria. Thanks. Don Fleeger Don Fleeger Wed, 22 Nov 2000 14:29:45 

LUCKENBAUGH - Perry Co. I am looking for any decendents of Adam Luckenbaugh born in York County, PAaround 1832. Moved to Fishing Creek Valley, Perry County, where he lived until his death 4April1877(about 45 years). Also, had daughter, Elizabeth, died 29January1866, in Rye Township, Perry County(2yr.11m.25d.). This is the only information I have at this time. Could his parents be Michael and Barbara Luckenbaugh of West Manheim Township, Hanover, PA(York County). Any information your could give me would be greatly appreciated. I have share also. Please respond to Researcher Fri, 17 Nov 2000 21:10:58

HARLACHER - Perry Co. I am looking for the name of the Children's Home in Loysville circa 1926 - 1930. Also is there a list of the names of the children in the home duringthat period? I am looking for surname Harlacher. Thank you. --- Marlin Lively --- Marlin Lively Fri, 17 Nov 2000 19:38:8 

YOCUM, MILLER - Perry Co. I am the great great great granddaughter of Isabella Yocum and John H.Miller. Isabella and John H. Miller had: Amanda Elizabeth Miller b: 2 Jan. 1840 m: Jacob B. Stetler b: 10 Jan. 1835. Both Amanda and Jacob Stetler are buried in Christy Chapel Cemetery, Ottawa Co., Port Clinton, Ohio. Amanda and Jacob had: my great grandfather Harry Robert Stetler b: 8 Sept. 1862 in Ohio m: Julia Jennie Koepke/Cupp b: 15 Oct. 1865 in NY. Both Harry Robert and Julia Stetler are buried in Riverview Cemetery Lot 9, Port Clinton, Ottawa Co., Ohio Harry Robert and Julia Stetler had: my grandmother Jennie Julia Stetler b:10 Sept. 1900 m: Philip Edward [Ed] La Nier b: 20 Feb. 1895, WW1 Vet. Both Jennie and Philip Edward La Nier are buried in Christy Chapel Cemetery, Port Clinton, Ottawa Co. Ohio. Philip and Jennie La Nier had: 4 sons: Robert Filimore La Nier, the oldest being my father is still living. Norman Floyd La Nier b: 11 May, 1927 d: 5 Jan. 1973 buried Catawba Cemetery, Port Clinton, Catawba Twp. Ottawa Co., Ohio Carl Edward La Nier 3rd. child is still living. Harold Franklin La Nier b: 24 July 1931 d: 19 Dec. 1985 buried Riverview Cemetery, Port Clinton, Ottawa Co. Ohio, Korean War Vet. I have more Yocum names and dates listed below: My grandmother Jennie Julia Stetler wrote names in a diary she kept. These names and dates I will use numbers for the ones my grandmother wrote down and they are: Mary Ann Miller 7 April 1816, might be John H. Miller's sister. So what I read from Evelyn's post to Perry Co., PA , JUNE OF 1999 is that : 1.Enoch Yocum B: 2 Aug..1776 m: Isabelle Robeson on 28 Nov. 1798 [source for marriage from Hal Yocum from Abraham's line.] Children of Enoch and Isabelle are: Jane Yocum married Simon Charles and moved to MO. [WHO IS THIS CHILD] Sarah Yocum married John Hunter and moved to Iowa. [WHO IS THIS CHILD] 2. Rebeca Yocum b: 21 Nov. 1801 d/o Enoch and Isabelle [Robeson] Yocum m: Peter Wyand 3. Robartson Yocum b: 21 Apr. 1804 [WHO IS THIS CHILD] 4. Mary Yocum b: 1 July 1805 d/o Enoch and Isabelle [Robeson] Yocum m: Jacob Hunter Mary Yocum and Jacob Hunter had the following children: Rebecca Elizabeth Isabella Levi 5. Elipabeth [Elizabeth?]Yocum b: 24 Feb. 1808 d/o Enoch and Isabelle [Robeson] Yocum m: Joseph Shuler Elizabeth Yocum and Joseph Shuler had the following children: Joseph Harrison Zachary Anne Ella 6. Isaac Yocum b: 24 May 1810 s/o Enoch and Isabelle [Robeson] Yocum m: Mahala 7. Willem [William?]Yocum b: 11 Feb. 1812 s/o Enoch and Isabelle [Robeson] Yocum m: ? 8. Margret Yocum b: 28 Nov. 1818 [WHO IS THIS CHILD] 9. Abraham Yocum b: 8 Nov. 1821 [WHO IS THIS CHILD ] 10.Enoch Yocum b: 21 Feb. 1822 s/o Enoch and Isabelle [Robeson] Yocum m: ? 11.Martha Yocum b: 8 April 1826 d/o of Enoch and Isabelle [Robeson] Yocum m: John Owens 12. Frbeller Yocum B:12 Apr. 1782 [POSSIBLE BROTHER TO ENOCH YOCUM?] 13. Tarhey Yocum B: 11 Aug. 1799 [POSSIBLE BROTHER TO ENOCH YOCUM?] thanks, Cheryl Cheryl Sun, 12 Nov 2000 12:14:26

KLINE, BURD, SMITH - Perry Co. I am seeking more information on my grandmother's ancestors. Her name was Hattie Purl KLINE b.jul 3, 1879 in Byron, IL. Her parents were Jacob Henry KLINE b. Oct 23, 1844 Perry Co and Elizabeth BURD b. Nov 1, 1854 in Bloomfield, Perry Co. Jacob and Elizabeth's mothers were sisters-Sarah SMITH b. Mar 5, 1807 Perry Co and Lydianna SMITH b. 1817 Saville Twp, Perry Co. Jacob's father was Peter KLINE b. Nov 8,1810 Blain, PA and Elizabeth's wasLevi BURD b. Dec 9,1821 In Saville Twp. Peter's parents were Henry KLINE b. Jan 2,1759 and Mary Magdalena SCHEIBLEY b. Aug 15, 1775 Berks Co. Elizabeth's father was Levi BURD b. Dec 9, 1821 in Saville Twp; his father was William BURD, Sr. b. Jun 13, 1802 Saville Twpand his mother was Elizabeth SULLENBERGER b. Jun 7, 1802. Sarah and Lydianna's parents were Johann Jacob SCHMIDT b. Apr 28, 1778 and Eve SCHADE b. Aug 1778. Eve's parents were Andreas SCHADE and Marie Eve KETTNER; Marie's parents were George Michael KETTNER b. Dec 12, 1714 in Germany and Mary Catherine FRIENDRICH; George's parents were Johannes KETTNER b. Dec 24, 1683 andVeronica Burkhard b. Oct 13, 1692 in Germany. Mary Magdalena SCHEIBLEY's father was Peter SCHEIBLEY b. Apr 10, 1742 Switzerland and her mother was Anna Elizabeth HEINSEN b. abt 1747. Both Peter and Johann were Revolutionary War Veterans. The parents of William BURD were Matthias BURD b. 1747 and Katherine PENTERb. abt 1764. However there is some conflicting information about this. Matthias' Father was Nicholas BURD, but there is also some conficting information about this and if this Nicholas was a brother of James BURD. Ifhe was the BURD line goes back two more generations. I cannot get beyond Henry KLINE and Peter SCHEIBLEY and George PENTER AND JOHANN GEORG SCHMIDT and Johann's wife Elizabeth Barbara Muller and Peter SULLENBERGER. Also I would be very interested if anyone has any additional information about the relationship, if any between James BURD and our Nicholas BURD. Thank any of you who wish to respond. James R. Crawford James R. Crawford Fri, 10 Nov 2000 05:54:06

 WEAVER, SMITH, WAKEMAN- Perry Co. Does anyone have any information on James Weaver, who married Elizabeth Smith about 1870? Their son, Paul Weaver, was b. May 9, 1894 or 5 in Newport or Harrisburg, Pa. He was orphaned and adopted by the Elbert Ludlam Wakeman family. Paul later took the last name "Wakeman". Paul married his adoptive sister Sallie and moved to St. Mary's Co., Md. Any information on these Weavers and Smiths will be very appreciated. Joan Wallace Joan Wallace Wed, 08 Nov 2000 10:36:55 

YOCUM, MILLER - Perry Co. I am tracing back for information on Isabella Yocum, b: 23 Aug.1814, d: 20May 1850, m: John H. Miller, b: 12 Oct. 1809, d: 16 Apr. 1884, Isabella and John H. Miller had a daughter: Amanda Elizabeth Miller: b: 2 Jan. 1840, d: 18 Sept. 1904 in Ohio., m: Jacob B. Stetler, b: 10 Jan. 1835, d: 28 July, 1900 in Ohio. Mary Ann Miller 7 April 1816, might be John H. Miller's sister. Enoch Yocum b: 1 Aug. 1776 Philadelphia, PA., d: 9 Apr. 1848, in Liverpool,Perry Co.,PA., m: Isabelle Robeson on 29 Nov. 1798. Parents of Enoch: Abraham and Rebecca [Harris] Yocum. My grandmother Jennie Julia [Stetler] LaNier wrote names in a diary shekept. These names and dates are: Enoch Yocum b: 2 Aug.1776 Frbeller Yocum b: 12 Apr. 1782 Tarhey Yocum b: 11 Aug 1799 Rebeca Yocum b: 21 Nov. 1801 Robartson Yocum b: 21 Apr. 1804 Mary Yocum b: 1 July 1805 Elipabeth [Elizabeth?]Yocum b: 24 Feb. 1808 Isaac Yocum b: 24 May 1810 Willem Yocum b: 11 Feb. 1812 Margret Yocum b: 28 Nov. 1818 Abraham Yocum b: 8 Nov. 1821 Enoch Yocum b: 21 Feb. 1822 Martha Yocum b: 8 April 1826 Any connections e-mail me. Thanks, Cheryl Cheryl Wed, 8 Nov 2000 06:20:11 

ROUSE - Perry Co. Looking for information on E.H. Rouse, Possibly Elizabeth, born 1820. Paul Turczynski Thu, 26 Oct 2000 15:42:06 

ROSS, MANGHES, ARENIE - Perry Co. Seeking information on James Ross 1854-1923 (NFI) and Jennie V. Manghes 1856-1937. Obituary: 1937 - Mrs. James Ross Mrs. Jennie V. Ross, 80, widow of James Ross, died Monday of last week at the Knights of Pythias Home at Kinkora, near Duncannon. She was a daughter of Henry and Annie (Arenie) Manghes. Funeral services were held Thursday at the Kell funeral parlors, Newport, followed by interment in Riverside cemetery, Millerstown. Robert Knottek Robert Knottek Thu, 19 Oct 2000 22:43:04

JURY - Perry Co. I am looking for any information on LEWIS JURY born ca. 1842 Thanks inadvance Diana Jury Elledge from Phx, Az. Diana Jury 

Elledge Tue, 10 Oct 2000 06:15:01 WHITE - Perry Co. :My Whites from (probably) Rye Twp., (definitely) Perry Co.: William M. White Sr. b. 1794 Baltimore d. 1865 Crestline, Crawf., OH wife Sarah Redding b. 1795 "banks of Brandywine" d. 1865 " son David b. 1817 PA d. 1876 Crestline, Crawf., OH son John b. 1819 PA d. 1863 " son Wm. Jr. b. 1825 Perry Co. PA (info Morrow Co. OH cem records) d. after 1880 Morrow Co., OH son Thomas J. b. 1827 Perry Co. (info from bio) d. 1910 Crestline OH son George W. b. 1830 PA son Samuel b. 1833 Jackson Twp., Crawford Co., OH son Samuel b. 1833 " dau Elizabeth b. 1837 " dau Sarah E. b. ~1837 " d. 1857 Crestline, Crawf., OH Family moved to Crawf. Co., OH between 1830-33; Thomas' bio also confirmsthis. Most are buried in Greenlawn Cem., Crestline, Crawf., OH, having stayed in Crestline the rest of their lives. Are any of these the Whites you are researching? If not, who are yours?Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Gay Hoffman Gay Hoffman Mon, 9 Oct 2000 13:30:08 

KINER, SCHMOHL - Perry Co. My great great grandmother was Nora Ann Kiner of Perry County. She married Jacob Schmohl and had nine children, including my great grandfather Philip Frederick Schmohl. I am trying to find out more about her family (parents, etc.). Any information you could provide would be appreciated. Elizabeth Schmohl Mon, 16 Oct 2000 10:34:34

 REID - Perry Co. I am looking for information on the Reid family who were in Cumberland Co in the early 1800's. They may have been in the Buffalo township which I think became part of Perry Co in 1820. A will dated 2/16/1813 deals with the settlement of the estate of James Reed. It does not mention his wife's name but lists his children. James, who lived there John, of Lycoming Co., PA William, of Crawford Co., PA Martha, wife of Christopher Irvine, of Mifflin Co., PA Ephraim of Ohio Samuel of Tennessee Margaret, wife of James Walker, of Tennessee I think I am descended from Samuel of TN and would like to find any information on this family that I can. Michael Jones Tue, 26 Sep 2000 17:12: 

PETERS - Perry Co. Looking for any information on the Peters family in Perry Co. In particular George Peters b. abt 1825 in Perry or Adams Co. The father of Silas W. Peters b. 1849 Next generations Wm. Franklin Peters b.1889 Elmer Emerson Peters b.1906.Related Families Parsons, King, Young,Sterner.David Peters David Peters Tue, 19 Sep 2000 23:37:30 

NORTH, HUBER - Perry Co. I am trying to make connections with Catherine North (born abt. 1760) and Henry Huber (born - unknown) who were married 7/30/1782 in Christ's Lutheran Church in Cumberland county Pennsylvania. This was before the formation of what is now Perry County. Paul North Tipton, IN e-mail Paul North Mon, 18 Sep 2000 16:58: 

LONG, UTZ - Perry Co. Searching for information pertaining to the parentage of my g.g.grandparents, Henry LONG , Sr. and his wife, Catherine Utz ( or Utts or Ootz) Long and, perhaps additional information regarding their children, listed as follows: Peter, Henry, John, Daniel, Mary N. (Polly), Elizabeth (Betsy), Margaret, Catherine and Isaac (my g. grandfather). Would love to connect with cousins who are descended from any member of this family.Naomi Long Hopperstad at: Naomi Long Hopperstad Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:51:54 

LEADER, NIMAN, SILKS - Perry Co. Looking for any info on any Leader's or Niman's. Russell David LeaderSr. married an Edith Layton Leader. Carl Niman married an Martha V. Silks and Leroy Niman married an Ida Niman. Been leaving posts where ever I can Andnothing comes out of it. thanks for any info you can give me...thanks Cathy Cathy Luckenbaugh Tue, 12 Sep 2000 08:16:03 

KUNTZLEMAN, SMEIGH - Perry Co. Looking for a marriage for a Kuntzleman to an Irena Mae Smeigh in Perry Co. Also if there is any information on their children: Charles,William, Carrie.Peg Horn. Mother Margaret Mon, 11 Sep 2000 18:27:48 

HAINES, GISH - Perry Co. I am searching for information concerning the parents of Samuel Haines,born 1833 and died Perry Co. 189l. Was married to Elizabeth Gish in 1856 in Juniata Co. Parents of Joh;n A.,Benjamin A, Sarah, Barbara, Joseph, Catherine and Martha. This info from the 1880 Census in Oliver Twp. Would like to know country of origin for this branch of Haines Family. Samuel asmy great grandfather. Would really appreciate any info. Marian Haines Radosevich Marian Radosevich Wed, 6 Sep 2000 16:40:22 

WISLER, WELCH - Perry Co. I am seeking information about Hannah Wisler. I believe that she married John Welch in Sherman's Valley in 1791 and had several children including Andrew. Does anyone have any information about her or her family? Nancy Welch Nancy Welch Fri, 18 Aug 2000 10:22:21 

LIDDICK, SHAFFER - Perry Co. I have a marriage certificate dated December 19, 1852 for Jacob Liddick of Watts Township and Susan Shaffer of Buffalo Township. They were married by John Garman, Justice of the Peace and a John Shaffer, Sr. signed as a witness. Does anyone know anything about this Jacob Liddick - birth or deathdates, names of his parents, etc? Thanks for your help. Howard Liddic Lancaster, PA Howard Liddic Tue, 08 Aug 2000 20:36:10 

REED, MURPHY - Perry Co. REED, William was born in Perry Co. in 1837. His father David Reed and mother Sarah Murphy were born in PA (Dates and Place unknown). Family later settled in Juniata Co. where James A. Reed was born in 1869. Would be happy to hear from others reserching this line. Michael Young Michael Young Sat, 15 Jul 2000 22:48:11 

CLEGG - Perry Co. I am looking for the ancestors of Rebecca Jane Clegg, born February 26, 1858 in New Bloomfield, Perry Co. PA. I found her in an 1860 census, but it does not indicate parents. William P was 26 and Mary was 56. There was also a James, 31, Christian 20, Joseph 16 and then Rebecca, 2. Does anyone have any connection to this Clegg line? Jane Ann Hill Fri, 14 Jul 2000 19:15:24 

CALDWELL, BULOCK, DEWALT - Perry Co. I am looking for any info on the above families. My name is Louise Penxa and my grandfather was Aquilla Bolton Caldwell married to Margaret Bulock. I am trying to find where these two were born and any information about either family. I also know that Joseph DeWalt was mygrandfather. Louise Penxa Fri, 14 Jul 2000 16:05:08

 FAVINGER, MYERS - Perry Co. I am looking for any info on family below. FAVINGER, Abram and Elizabeth, daughter: Mary Jane b:12 Apr. 1873. She had four brothers and three sisters. This family may have moved to PA.? Mary Jane married Frank A. Myers on 23 Dec. 1894 in Newport, Perry Co., PA. Thank You email: Researcher Fri, 14 Jul 2000 06:01:47 

WELCH, MORROW, KITNER, FOOSE - Perry Co. I am searching for more information on the family of George Washington Welch. According to my information, he was born on June 6, 1850 in Loysville, PA. His parents were Andrew Welch and Jane Morrow. He married Katherine Kitner whom I believe was born in Little Germany in 1850 and was the daughter of Jacob Kitner and Catherine Foose. I would appreciate anyinformation or leads you might have. Thank you, Nancy Welch Nancy Welch Fri, 7 Jul 2000 10:22:58 

JETT - Perry Co. I am seeking the ascendants/descendants of my g-grandfather, George Walter JETT, who was born in/abt. 1856 - 1858 in VA or WV. He resided in Sunbury, PA in 1900 &1910, but I believe he resided in Marysville, PA in 1870 and1880, and may have been born to Daniel and Lucinda JETT. Bob Jett Bob Jett Wed, 7 Jun 2000 22:40:29 

CLAY - Perrry Co. Hi. I am Joel Clay from Atascadero Ca. Last July I went to Iowa for five day's doing research on my family history. I found an article referencing Lancaster County as a past home for my large family. Also Perry, andCumberland counties. I found in the 1850 Census Perry County Rye twp. Mary Clay 46 Lawrence Clay 24 Wm Clay 22 John Clay 20 Henry Clay 18 Elias Clay 15 Isaiah Clay 12 Joshua Clay 10 My GG Grand Father Susan Clay 8 Lawrence, Henry, Isaiah and Joshua moved to Iowa around 1860 Not all at the same time. I am looking for information on any of the Clay. That could help me find the father of this large family, and any information about him Thanks Joel Clay Joel Clay Wed, 7 Jun 2000 16:41:35 

BEITZELL - Perry Co. There is (2) Beitzell's listed in the 1870 census 1) David 2)Mariah Wouldappreciate info as to Spouses and children. and if they are listed in 1830 census Searching for parents of Jonathan Bitzell(b.1826) PA. Juanita Gatchel Tue, 6 Jun 2000 18:29:18 

HAIN - Perry Co. Hello, I am looking for any information on my ggggrandfather's family. Daniel Hain was born, I believe, in Sherman's Dale, Perry, Pa.(IGI) He is found living outside of Liverpool in 1824. Has anybody heard of a Hain family living in Perry County, Pa.? I have info on my Young side, if anybody is curious. Most of the marriages below, occurred in Marion Co., Ohio. Thank you, Carla The below info came from the book:"Genealogy from Adam to Christ...with the genealogy of Adam Heinecke and Henry Vandersaal, 1747-1881" by SamuelHeinecke. Father: Daniel HAIN, born 27 Jul 1785 in Perry Co., PA. Died 3 Aug 1837 in Marion Co., OH. Aged 52yrs. and 6days. Mother: Elizabeth YOUNG, born 19 Aug 1793 in Perry Co., PA. Died 6 Jul 1878 in Marion Co., OH. Aged 84yrs 11mos. 18days. Daniel and Elizabeth were married, 7 Aug 1809 in Perry Co., PA. Children: 1.) Elizabeth HAIN, born 12 Mar 1810 in Perry Co., PA. Married 1st to Samuel MYERS. Elizabeth Myers (divorced) married Daniel KAUBLE, 12 Jun 1836. 2.) John HAIN, born 27 Jun 1811 in Perry Co., PA. Died young. 3.) Henry HAIN, born 2 Aug 1812 in Perry Co., PA. Married first to Hannah NOBLE, 1 Jan 1835 then second to Susannah BARNHART. 4.) Adam HAIN, born 11 Feb 1814 in Perry Co., PA. Married first to Mary Ann EBERT, 30 Nov 1837 then second to Ann FORSHA, 6 Jun 1852. 5.) Ann HAIN, born 19 Nov 1815 in Perry Co., PA. Died 26 Feb 1837. Married Daniel WYATT. 6.) Daniel HAIN, Jr., born 10 Jun 1817 in Perry Co., PA. Married Balinda WILSON, 22 Jun 1843. 7.) Catharine HAIN, born 22 Apr 1820 in Perry Co., PA. Married Daniel HULL, Sep 1837. 8.) Mary Eve HAIN, born 9 Oct 1821 in Perry Co., PA. Married Christian PLANTZ. 9.) Magdalene HAIN, born 20 Sep 1823 in Perry Co., PA. Married Samuel BIGGERSTAFF, 12 Jun 1844. 10.) Esther Vandersaal HAIN, born 31 Jul 1825 in Perry Co., PA. Married William B. FREEMAN, Jul 1847, then second to Daniel HULL (widower of Catharine Hain, #7). 11.) Christiana HAIN, born 6 Apr 1828 in Perry Co., PA. Married Douglass FREEMAN, 12 Apr 1846. 12.) Susanna HAIN, born 6 Oct 1829 in Perry Co., PA. Married Joel M. EVANS, 26 Dec 1847. 13.) Leah B. HAIN, born 12 Mar 1833 in Marion Co., OH. Married Richard Baxter DAVIS, 6 Oct 1853. 14.) Lydia A. HAIN, born 22 Jun 1834 in Marion Co., OH. Married Samuel WATERS, 17 Oct 1854. 15.) William Noble HAIN, (my gggrandfather) born 22 Aug 1837 in Marion Co., OH. Died 26 Feb 1880 in Clay Co., IN. Married Anna WINTERHALTER/WINTERHALDER, 25 Mar 1860 in Marion Co., OH. Carla Harris Tue, 30 May 2000 21:56:20 

REIBER, RENCH, BASHORE, MOORE, MOHLER - Perry Co. Seeking info on Jacob and Catherine Reiber born abt 1788 in Perry County. Children:Benjamin b. 21 Mar 1818 Elizabeth who married Samuel Rench Henry who md. Delilah John who md a Mary Peter who md Catherine Bashore in 1845 in OH Leah b. 29 Aug 1830 who md Jacob N. Moore Margaret who md John Mohler Caroline b. 18 Oct 1833 in PA who md Nixon Moore. (my wife's directancestor) That is about all the info I have. Would appreciate any help. thank you, Ed Lincoln Ed Lincoln Wed, 24 May 2000 15:54:22 

LEMON - Perry Co. I am looking for information on Jacob Lemon. He was born about 1765 in Perry Co., PA according to info I have. His father's name may have been John, but not sure of that. He left PA & possibly married in VA, had at least 1 son in KY (Hiram), & moved on to IL. Any information about him & his family would be greatly appreciated. Judy Runyon Judy Runyon Thu, 18 May 2000 15:01:08 

KIRKPATRICK - Perry Co. Looking for location of old cemetery near Shermans Creek which contains mostly Stewarts and Kirkpatricks. Late 1700s or early 1800s. Perry County. Possibly cemetery that Boy Scouts have kept up. Vernon Kirkpatrick Vernon Kirkpatrick Tue, 16 May 2000 12:00:00 

GLOVER - Perry Co. Seeking information on Isaac Glover possibly son of William Glover. My Isaac Glover was the town proprietor of Steubenville, Steuben County, Indiana in 1836. He is listed on the land records in Steuben County as a resident of Williams County, Ohio. He is a resident of Huron County Ohio in 1830. His wife was Mary C and his son Armstrong who was born in Dauphin County PA directly across the river from Perry County. Isaac died about 1840 in Defiance Ohio. There is an Isaac b. 1780 in Cumberland County son of William Glover of Rye Township, Perry County PA in Richland County Ohio on the 1825 Tax lists. Will share information. Quinta Scott Fri, 5 May 2000 10:42:05 

RHEEM/RHEAM - Perry Co. Looking for info re: parents of Benjamin C. Rheem (Rheam) 1852-1934, husband of Naomi Leedy Rheem 1855-1931, and parents of Harry C Rheem (1885-1959),George D Rheem, Lillian M Rheem, and Samuel M Rheem. Ed Langley Ed Langley Thu, 4 May 2000 16:52:17 

GUTSHALL - Perry Co. Does anyone have information on the Gutshall families of Perry Co. Where did they come from. Family lines. My grandfather and gg are buried in Perry Co.My father lived there for a time. Please e-mail at Researcher Fri, 21 Apr 2000 21:24:58 

CLOUSER, ASKIN - Perry Co. I am seeking any information about Willis Clouser who married Elizabeth Askin, in the late 1870's or early 1880's. They are buried in the New Bloomfield Cemetery. Their son, Charles Willis Clouser (b 29 Oct 1890 in Newport; d 14 January 1957 in Armstrong County) is my grandfather. Their first 7 children all died from an epidemic of "black diphtheria" probably in the 1880's. Their 8th child, Ann Gertrude survived the epidemic, and was a promiment teacher in the Harrisburg School District (she died in 1965). Any information regarding Willis and Elizabeth, including dates of birth/death, parents, siblings, would be greatlyappreciated. Lou Ann Luther Lou Ann Luther Fri, 21 Apr 2000 17:22:21

 STAKEMILLER - Perry Co. In 1850, Penn Twp., Perry Co. (p. 457 of Census) I have Valentine Stakemiller (16) living with Robert C. Branyan (31, farmer) and his wife Margaret. Next door I have Catharine A. (15), Elizabeth (11), Susan (8) and Maria (6) Stakemiller living with Alexander Humes (35, blacksmith) and hisson John (1) - no Mrs. Humes. I am looking for any additional information on the STAKEMILLER family (also spelled STEGMULLER) who may have come to Perry from Cumberland County. Fred Kelso Tue, 18 Apr 2000 12:29:42 

ERNEST, SPOON - Perry Co. John ERNEST and Christina SPOON lived in Perry County, PA. Their son, John Ernest, was born February 2, 1822, and apparently moved to Niagara County, NY about 1845. His death certificate gives the parents names, but that's all I know about them. He was my great-great grandfather. Descendants include many members of the DUNKELBERGER family, of which I am one. I have those names, and will be glad to share, but hope to go backwards to ancestors rather than descendants. Kay ( Kay Dunkhart Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:34:23 

DROMGOLD, CUNNINGHAM - Perry Co. We are looking for information on C. M. Dromgold and Anna Cunningham Dromgold. We would like to have birth and death dates and where there areburied. There children would also be a help. Thanks in advance, Roy and Joan Mehaffie Wagner Roy Wagner Sun, 9 Apr 2000 19:47:46 

CLOUSER, ASKIN - Perry Co. Am seeking any information on the Clouser or Askin family.Great-grandfather Willis J. Clouser married Elizabeth Askin, first seven children died in childhood before 1890. Remaining four children: Ann Gertrude, Cyrus (died in his 20's), Charles William (my grandfather),,and Louise. ME Riegle Sat, 01 Apr 2000 18:03:40 

REISINGER, BURRIS, LANDIS, WITMAN - Perry Co. Searching for Ephrim REISINGER, b Sept., 19, 1915, believe Ickesburg, Perry Co., Pa. Parents: Zur Ulysses (called Zieky) REISINGER & Ada Elizabeth BURRIS. Ephrim is listed on 1920 Census living with his mother, her identical twin sister, Mary BURRIS-LANDIS, & Mary's husband, Boyd LANDIS. Due to hardship, placed in an orphanage (unknown exactly where) & never heard of again. Mother, Ada, remarried Claude WITMAN, a photographer. There were four REISINGER children, Jacob, born February 19, 1912, Millerstown, Juniata Co., Pa. Jacob was killed in Italy in W.W.II; Mary Jane, who married Clyde Samuel SNYDER; & Elsie, who was raised by the WATTS family. Mary Jane REISINGER-SNYDER was raised by Ed & Minnie (Hood) LESHER. Please, anyone who may have any information on the whereabouts of Ephrim or any of his children, please contact me. His sister, Mary Jane has been searching for him for a long time. We do not know if he was adopted or placed in foster care, nor if his name was changed. As he would have been between 4/5/6 years of age at the time, he may have some memory of an older brother & sister. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, his nephew, Jimmy Snyder Jimmy Snyder Sat, 25 Mar 2000 08:54:33

 GARVERICH, HARMON, EBERSOLE - Perry Co. I am looking for information about my G-G-G-Grandmother, Catherine Garverich who married Jacob Ebersole in Feb of 1814. They may originally have come from Dauphin Co. but lived in Perry County for a time. My info states that Jacob in buried in Billows Cemetery in Dellville, PA near Duncannon in Perry Co. , so I would assume Catherine is too. I would love to know who her parents were, her birth and death date, any sibs and any info whatsoever. She had 10 children and my line descends from her eldest, John P. Ebersole (born 9- Sept-1815 ) He married a Jemima Harmon, also from the area of Dauphin Co. They also lived for a time in eastern Perry Co. before moving the family to OH in 1854 and ultimately Warsaw,IN in Kosciusko Co. IN in the 1860's. Any info about Jemima Harmon would also be appreciated, as I know nothing of her family either. I may be contacted by E-mail at Thanks! RebeccaA. Talkie Rebecca A. Talkie Thu, 23 Mar 2000 12:32:44 

CHISHOLM, CAMPBELL - Perry Co. Looking for information on CHISHOLM and CAMPBELL families of Perry County. My ancestor Mary Ann CHISHOLM was born in Perry County on 10 March 1844 and was the daughter of William and Sarah (CAMPBELL) CHISHOLM. This family later lived in Huntingdon and Fulton Counties. Mary Ann married Philip OTT and died on 27 October l9l9 near McConnellsburg in Fulton County. William Robinson Thu, 23 Mar 2000 10:46:58 

RAFFENSPERGER - Perry Co. I am attempting to locate a genealogy researcher that was tracing the Raffensperger family in Perry County. Her name is Carol Ann Smith however, her email address listed in the Surname database is no longer valid. If there is anyone else who has done some research on Raffensperger families such as, Jeremiah Raffensperger (abt 1805 - 1875), John Raffensperger (abt 1820 - ?), and Samuel Raffensperger (abt 1822 - ?), I would love to talk with you. Hal Raffensperger Hal Raffensperger Thu, 23 Mar 2000 00:02:10 

LEMKE/LAMCA, GASTRUCK - Perry Co. LEMKE b.1801, Liverpool, Greenwood Twnshp. Came to U.S. about 1845 with wife, Mary Gastruck B.1813 and son, John (later changed name to LAMCA) b.July 26,1839. Daughter of George and Mary Gastruck Lemke, Irene Catherine Lemke B.1849 married C.W.Taylor Sr. of Altoona andmoved to McKeesport, PA. Son was C.W. Jr. and grandson, Arrhur Taylor. Researcher Wed, 22 Mar 2000 07:22:38 


 WILT, HOFFMAN, MOYER, MANLEY, SEIDER, FOSSELMAN, GUNDERMAN, BARNER - Perry Co. Looking for information on Jacob WILT m. Eliza HOFFMAN b. May 1867. They had 10 children; Benjamin, Catherine (m. Phillip MOYER ), David, Elizabeth (m. William MANLEY ), Jacob, Mary (m. James SEIDERS ), William (m. Martha FOSSELMAN (my GG-grandparents), Rebecca (m. Isaac GUNDERMAN.) , George (m. Mary Frances BARNER ) , & Harry (m. Mary Matilda FOSSELMAN ) If any of the names connect with your line, please contact me Lisa Lisa Wilson Mon, 20 Mar 2000 05:57:15 

TOWSEY, TOUSEY, SNYDER - Perry Co. Looking for any information on Joseph Towsey 1816-5/12/1889. Born near Sandy Hills, Perry Co. Married Catherine Snyder 1831-4/18/1893. Md 9/3/1850. They left the area to move to Juniata Co. before son Lawrence Moffett Towsey was born in 1863, probably around 1840. I have nothing on where Moffett comes from, either from the Snyder or Towsey lines. There are 2 Tousey's living in the area from Connecticut, Azariah (wifeSarah) and Zalmon. I am trying to find the link between Zalmon and my Joseph Towsey. Most of what I have is circumstantial as the census records may or may not list Joseph with either Zalmon or Azariah. Anything withJoseph, Zalmon or Azariah would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve Kohler Steve Kohler Sun, 19 Mar 2000 14:48:07 

WALKER, COOK - Perry Co. Looking for Benjamin Walker Jr. married Lydia Cook. He died in 1836 - possibly in Perry county. Known children: Hephzibah, Eliza and Asahel. Would very much like to correspond with anyone working on Walker lines inPerry/Cumberland county. Jenny Rasmusson Jenny Rasmusson Sat, 18 Mar 2000 20:07:33 

KERR - Perry Co. Searching for any KERRs that came from old Cumberland Co. and shortly there-after.Early to mid-1700's and into early 1800's. lived in various areas-Now:Franklin,Juniata, Mifflin counties. Looking for the parentage of one James Kerr,b.abt.1775-1785? Forced back by Indians-perhaps towhat is now Perry Co.,Pa. Thanks, Patricia Row Patricia Row Wed, 15 Mar 2000 11:09:29 

SPONEYBARGER - Perry Co. Am seeking information regarding ancestors of the SPONEYBARGER family some of whom now reside in Huntingdon Co. Have information that there may be some knowledge of this family in Perry Co. Also, the name maybe a derivative of SPONENBOURGH, SPONBERGER, SPONANBERGER OR SPONANBURGS. Any help for clarification of name or knowledge of any such families?Thanks. Kay Houck Kay Houck Mon, 13 Mar 2000 09:07:03 

ALBRIGHT - Perry Co. ALBRIGHT, George (d. 1822) - Served in the Revolutionary War. Spent his adult life in Buffalo Township of Perry County, PA. Does anyone have information on descendents of any of his children. Children were George ALBRIGHT, John ALBRIGHT, David ALBRIGHT(1782-1852), Frederick ALBRIGHT, Margaret ALBRIGHT Foster (husband Joseph Foster), and Cathrian ALBRIGHT Briniman(sp ?). I think David is my ancestor based on a family history and because nearly all David's children have the same names as George's children. Can anyone confirm or disprove that George's wife Barbara was Barbara Cradelbaugh? Names of George's children came from his will. According to the family history, George and his brother Jacob immigrated from Switzerland and indentured themselves to Mr. Grubbs of Lancaster County for three years to pay for their passage. They are sons of George ALBRIGHT who remained in Switzerland. The family history goes on to state that Jacob was the ALBRIGHT that founded the ALBRIGHT Church but that information does not seem to fit the information available on the founder of the ALBRIGHT Church. Perhaps there was a brother Jacob...just not the ALBRIGHT Church Jacob. Does anyone know? I set out to check the facts contained in the family history. I could use a little help from shirttail relatives. I have information on David ALBRIGHT and his move to Ohio, then Indiana, and his children's lives in Indiana and Illinois that I would be happy to share. If you have anyinterest in this line please contact me. Jane Shaw Sun, 5 Mar 2000 17:36:45 

MICHEL, RIEMER, SCHERER - Perry Co. Announcing new publication! "Peter MICHEL, and Anna Helena [b. 1663 /1666] of Hassloch, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, featured are two of their sons: Johann "Ulrich" MICHEL (b. 1702 d. 1784] and wife, Maria Margaret (RIEMER), Immigrants - their Descedants Johann "Jacob" MICHEL, and wife, Anna Margaretha (SCHERER)" Immigrants (Immediate family only incl.) This genealogy is given thru the first five generations as follows: 1. Peter (as stated of Hassloch) 2. Johann "Ulrich" (above) - who settled in Wernersville, Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co. PA. area. 3. Christian MICHEL, SR. of Wernersville (child of above) b. 1732 d. 1787. His first wife is unknown, and second wife: Anna Maria Margaret (surname unknown) included are their families who married into: SCHWALM, STEIN, TAUBERT, SCHRACK, ERMOLD, WERHEIM, HAIN, SPATZ, ZERBE, SARVER, RIEDT, BRADY, SCHAFER. 4. Christian MICHEL, II, (bapt. 1777, d. 1840) and wife, Catharine (RIEDT / REED) - this family went into the area of Hickory Corners and Dalmatia, Northumberland Co. and settled. included are their children & various families. 5. The fifth generation includes surnames: TREGO, KNERR, BROCIOUS, HUNGER, SHAFFER, WHITMER, WITMER, SNYDER, LENKER, STRAUSER, WEAVER. Of the fifth generation is included the family of Leah (MICHEL), born 20 July 1818, died 21 May 1903, in Loysville, Perry Co. who married Benjamin WEAVER, b. 11 June 1819, d. 27 May 1888 near Green Park - Loysville, in Perry Co. who was a stone mason and farmer. Their family was: 1. Catherine Ann who married Henry KELL 2. Absalom, of Burnham, Mifflin Co. 3. Benjamin E., of Nebraska 4. Henry, who married Elizabeth Jane UTLEY and lived in New Bloomfield, PA. 5. Jonathan, who married Mary J. WARNER and moved to Nebraska 6. Isaac, who moved to Dunlap, Kansas (was there 1920) 7, Sarah who Married Wellington M. D. SHEAFFER, and lived in Newport, Perry Co. PA. This genealogy is 640 pages hard-bound and contains approx. 35 photo pages. E-mail me for futher information and a flyer giving Full name, address so that I may mail you the literature. See: Berks, Juniata, Dauphin, Northumberland, Jefferson, Armstrong, PerryCo. for data on various families and more descriptions of those lines. ======= Another genealogy (of the 5th generation) is being published on "Samuel MICHAEL, SR. & Appellonia "Abby" (KNERR) & Elizabeth (BROCIOUS) HUNGER / SHAFFER, 2nd wife -their Descendants" - this family hails from Northumberland Co. and went to Ringgold, Jefferson Co. PA. [ see Jefferson Co., Armstrong Co. and Northumberland Co. website under usgenweb for further information] (Samuel & "Abby" are the authors 2nd Great-Grandparents) See: Jefferson Co. and Armstrong Co. for more detail on this family. Book author Sun, 27 Feb 2000 09:33:34

  - Perry Co. Looking for ancestors and descendants of David STONE and Mary Magdalena(PADEN) STONE. David STONE, was born on May 18, 1789, died on May 19, 1872 in Pennsylvania, he is buried in the Filey's Church Cemetery, in Dillsburg, York County,Pennsylvania. David's wife was Mary Magdalena PADEN, she was born in 1796, died on December 1, 1884 and is also buried in the Filey's Church Cemetery, in Dillsburg,York county, Pennsylvania. David and Mary STONE and other members of the Stone Family lived in Spring Township / Carroll Township / Tyrone Township in Perry County. David and Mary had 7 children David, George W., Peter, Israel, Dianah, Sarah, and Anna. Son David was born in 1827 and George W. was born August 15, 1833. George W. and David STONE lived in Monroe Township and Middlesex Township, Pennsylvania. David and his wife Eliza Ann DILLER had 14 children and are buried in the MT Zion Cemetery in Monroe, Pennsylvania. George was married first to Harriett then to Mary. George had 4 sons (George W., Harry, David, and Charles) and 1 daughter (Emma). George and Harriett are buried in the cemetery at the Latort United Methodist Church in Middlesex, Pennsylvania. My part of the Stone Family ended up in New Jersey, but I know there were some related Stones in Detroit in the 1940's and there are many Stone relatives still living in the Carlisle Pennsylvania area. I look forward to sharing my Stone family information. Thank you, Scott Scott Martinek Sun, 13 Feb 2000 06:48:57 

TOOMEY, HOOVER - Perry Co. John TOOMEY was born in 1780 in York County he married Elizabeth HOOVER. He died 1853 in Oliver Twp., Perry Co and is buried in Newport Burial Ground. At the time of his death these children survived: Peter, Elijah, George, and Launa. Any information on this family would begreatly appreciated. Thank You Donna Fri, 11 Feb 2000 13:44:12 

ELLIOTT - Perry Co. I am looking for in for information that would substantiate that my great,great,great,grandfather James Elliott was a captain in the Revolution. Researcher Fri, 11 Feb 2000 13:33:03 

SMITH - Perry Co. Looking for information on Charles Smith born 1807. He and his family moved to Stark county Ohio before 1860. His wife was Rebecca Weaver born 1808. Their children were David R., Jefferson, Levina, George, Margaret Cordelia, and Eldora. David was born in 1831 and married a Caroline. Jefferson my ancestor was born in 1834 and married a Margaret E., Levina was born in 1836 or 1837. George was born in 1845 or 1846. Margaret Cordelia was born in Perry County in 1849. And Eldora was born in 1851 or 1852. Charles should show up on the 1850 census for Perry County Pa. A copy of the census and any other information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, David S. Smith. David S. Smith Fri 11 Feb 2000 00:42:36

 ACKER/AUCHER, STONER, BRANDT - Perry Co. I wish to find all details on the family of Casper Acker/Aucher. He was born on January 30, 1760 in Hempfield Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania. His birth parents were Peter /Acker/ and mother: Anna /Stoner/. He married one time. to Mary Brandt about 1786 in Lancaster County,Pennsylvania. Their children were: Jacob Acker born on February 24, 1787. Peter Acker born on November 14, 1788. Henry Acker born on September 23, 1790. Christian Acker born on March 6, 1792. Anthony Acker born on June 23, 1793, died in the late 1830s in Bloom Twp, Fairfield Co, OH. Casper Acker born est Sep 5, 1794?. David Acker born on June 21, 1796. Joseph S. Acker born on March 5, 1798. Nancy Anna Acker born on November 1, 1800. Maria Acker born on February 3, 1802. Catherine Acker born on March 17, 1804 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Casper made a will on November 10, 1813 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Casper died on December 9, 1813 in Little Pfoutz Valley, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, at age 53 in what is now Juniata or Perry County, PA. His body was interred in the Auker Cemetery after December 9, 1813 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania which could currently be in either Juniata or Perry Co, PA. Anthony migrated first to Rockingham County, VA where he married his cousin Elizabeth Sarah /Acker/. He died in Bloom Twp, Fairfield Co, OH while migrating to Henry County, IN. Other Acker's apparently migrated to the same counties in OH and IN while some remained in PA. The WEB page that provides more information can be found at: Richard E. Parr Mon, 07 Feb 2000 19:51:10 

DONELY/O'DONLEY - Perry Co. I am looking for any information on the descendants of the Donnally's Mills in Tuscarora Township, Perry Co., PA. I am a descendant of Hugh Donely/O'Donley who settled in Westmoreland Co., PA. Any information is welcome. I have information I can share too! Thank you, Rhonda Donnel Monks Rhonda Donnel Monks Wed, 2 Feb 2000 10:35:05 

MCINTYRE/MCINTIRE - Perry Co. I am researching my ancestor BENJAMIN MCINTYRE/MCINTIRE. He is listed on the 1850 Perry County KENTUCKY census as having been born in Pennsylvania. He was 66 years old in 1850, so that would make him born 1784. I found Benjamin McIntire listed on the 1830 PERRY COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA census. It says McIntire Benjamin Co. Perry 276 Juniata. I'm an amateur, so I'm not sure what that means. I found this in a census book at the LDS library. He moved to Perry Co. Ky. in 1833, or so another family researcher told me. He married Sarah "Sally" Watts, which was a local east Ky. name, so I believe he must have married her in Ky. They had children, but I'm not sure if that would be helpful to you since he didn'thave them til living in Ky. Family tradition says Benjamin was an Irish or Scottish schoolteacher. I'm not sure if he immigrated here or not, but the old family members werecertain he was Irish or Scottish. He did donate late for a school in Ky. I'm hoping to find more information on Benjamin and eventually tracing himback to "the old country". Thank you, Donna White Donna White Mon, 24 Jan 2000 21:16:59 

STROCK/STACK - Perry Co. Looking for families in Perry County with the last name of Strock orStrack any dates are o.k. John Fisher Thu, 20 Jan 2000 17:41:28 

SULTZBAUGH, BURRILL - Perry Co. Phillip SULTZBAUGH was born June 9, 1831 in York Cty, Pennsylvania. He married Susan (or Susanna) BURRILL on November 15, 1853 most likely in Perry County, Pennsylvania. Susan was born March 5, 1831 in Perry County. Seekinginformation on both Phillip's and Susan's parents and siblings. Carol Bauer Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:07:15

 ULCH/ULSH - Perry Co. I have copies of discharge and pension records of Pvt William Ulch of Company I 190th Rgt Penna Vols who was wounded at Spotsylvania suffering a severe thigh wound. He was treated at Mower Hospital Chestnut Hill,Phila PA and subsequently discharged and died Liverpool,PA Feb 15,1906. I have applied for an historical plaque for Mower Hospital. We have a xerox copy of a poem written by Pvt. Ulch while a patient at the Hospital. Any information you could send me on The Ulch(Ulsh) family of liverpool/Perry County and MOWER HOSPITAL would beappreciated. Dr.Sanford P. Sher Dr. Sanford P. Sher Thu, 13 Jan 2000 13:38:27 

GIBBONS, ZEIGLER - Perry Co. I am looking for any information on the George GIBBONS family He was born @ 1797, d 16Sept 1842 in Loysville. He married Catherine ZEIGLER on 30 April 1818. Their children are: Samuel, Henry, Elizabeth, George, David, Mary, Jacob, Jeremiah, and Catharine. Any information on any of these individuals would be greatly appreciated. I am his 4g granddaughter through Henry's line. Neesey Sun, 9 Jan 2000 18:41:04 

BAILEY, MILLER - Perry Co. Searching for sibling of James Alexander Bailey, b. 1841, was raised by Rep. Joseph Bailey beginning in about 1850, Perry Co. He was orphaned but now have found two older siblings. One was William Bailey and the other was a sister, Mary E. Bailey, who married a Miller and lived inElton, Pa. Need parents names. Father is believed to be named John. George Chaney Fri, 07 Jan 2000 13:12:09 -0600 

TROTTER, BAUGHMAN - Perry Co. Looking for any info on the father of my g-g-grandfather, WILLIAM TROTTER. His death cert. states "father unknown", and was filled out by William'sson. William was born Apr. 9, 1842 in Perry County, and was a resident of Altoona for over 45 years, employed by the Penn. Railroad for over 30 years. William was enrolled in the 9th Penn. Cavalry, Co. E, on Sep. 16th, 1861, and was discharged Dec. 24th, 1864 in Savannah, GA. He was a member of G.A.R. Post #62 Altoona. He died at 1410 18th Ave., Altoona, on Feb. 11th, 1920. William married Susanna on March 15th, 1866; their children were James E. of Columbus, OH; Lawrence of Altoona; Edward (my g-grandfather) of Altoona; and Katherine (Fogelman) of Altoona. A family bible from 1842 listing William's birth is inscribed to what appears to be "Maria Baughman(n)", with a date that looks like 1796. I have been able to trace my maternal line from my mother's father Ralph Trotter to his father Edward to his father William (all longtime Altoona residents), but have reached a dead end as to William's parents (mother's name is illegible on death cert.). I also have had no luck with Perry Co. census records, birth, or Civil War regimental records (other than his discharge papers). If any descendants know of William's parents, or if anyone has any info on what I've presented above, *please* contact Stacey at!! Thanks in advance!!!!! Stacey Fri, 7 Jan 2000 05:35:05 

MCCABE, SEARS - Perry Co. I researching my 6th great grandparents Owen MCCABE born aroung 1720 in Ireland coming to Lancaster Co., PA abt. 1740 and married Catherine Sears abt. 1745. They apparently lived and died in Cumberland Co., naming Tyrone Twp. Would like any info on either gg grandparent. Gary Hall Sat, 1 Jan 2000 14:22:45 

LIDDICK - Perry Co. Looking for information on Jacob Liddick, will probated May 2, 1843. According to his will, his wife's name was Barbara and he had sons John, William, Samuel, and Daniel and a brother John. Is he a son of the original immigrant, Nicholas Peter Liddick? Is his son William the same William Liddick buried at Buck Church Cemetery, born 1813, died April 4, 1882? Is his son John the same John Liddick buried at Buck Church Cemetery, born August 30, 1799, died May 22, 1858? Is his son Daniel the same Daniel Liddick buried at Centre Union Cemetery, born 1817, died December 9, 1900? Any help would be appreciated. Also willing to share research. Thank you. Howard Liddic, Lancaster, PA Howard Liddic Sat, 01 Jan 2000 10:22:25

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